A pair of patriots put out a hilarious video mocking the Antifa soy boys causing mayhem across the country, warning if they’ll regret it if they escalate to using lethal force.

The video shows Adam Calhoun, a country singer and hip-hop artist, and his son put out the video in response to an Antifa member encouraging his “comrades” to use lethal force against anyone who isn’t aligned with them politically.

Lol Antifa is so lucky the right has self control. These annorexic turds have no idea what they’d be getting into if ppl fight back.👇🤣pic.twitter.com/0ZMLk0r7Py

— Nick Frechen🇺🇸⚖ (@NFrechen) June 1, 2020

Democrat Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who is marinated in white guilt and famously declared that white supremacists were behind the rioting and looting has announced pro-Antifa state Attorney General Keith Ellison will lead the prosecution against Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin

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