(CNN)With the first night of the Republican National Convention set to start in a few hours, there are signs that President Donald Trump has bottomed out in terms of his polling numbers ahead of the 2020 election.

Consider: * CNN’s Poll of Polls — an aggregate of quality polling done in the race between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden — gives the former vice president a 51% to 42% edge. That’s consistent with where the race has been over the past two-plus months.


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* Trump’s job disapproval numbers have steadied as well. Once as high as 56% in the Real Clear Politics polling average in late July, they’re now at 54% on average.* The 11-point lead on party affiliation that Democrats enjoyed in a June Gallup poll is now down to just 6 in the August version. Meaning, 48% consider themselves Democrats or lean toward Democrats while 42% are Republicans or Republican-leaners.Read MoreNow, the fact that Trump may have found his polling floor is somewhat cold comfort to not only the White House but also party strategists tasked with trying to hold onto the Senate majority and keep the House in play as well.A president trailing a challenger by 9 points and with disapproval ratings still in the mid-50s just 71 days before an election is not, well, good.But I distinctly remember talking to one leading House GOP strategist in the middle of Trump’s free fall last month who told me the scariest thing for the party was that no one knew just how low Trump’s numbers could go.It appears we have reached the bottom now.The Point: Knowing how deep you are in the ditch doesn’t guarantee you can dig out. But it gives you a starting point to try.

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