Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed President Biden’s handling of adversaries Russia and Iran accusing him of putting “Russia first” policy ahead of America first tonight on “Hannity”.HANNITY: Joe’s cowardly response to Russia’s hack of the Colonial pipeline it is beyond embarrassing it is also self-destructive. Not only did Biden give Vladimir Putin a free pass on Russians hacking the Colonial pipeline, but then five days later, get this, Joe rewarded his pal, Vladimir by removing Trump-era sanctions on what was a key Russian pipeline that helps our allies in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. 

Not only is America first strategies gone, completely dead, energy independence is gone that’s dead, but now Joe has literally adopted Vladimir Putin and Russia first policies to make Putin and Russia rich again. He closes down our pipeline and gives a waiver to Vladimir Putin to build his, and it turns out the real Russian collusion that would be leading Democrats. Remember Obama “tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” Hillary Clinton paying for the dirty Russian disinformation dossier then used as the basis to spy on a presidential candidate and a president with premeditated fraud on a FISA court. Don’t forget Hunter Biden’s $3.5M he got from a Russian oligarch the First Lady of Moscow and now Joe destroys, in America, high-paying jobs in the energy sector by shutting down our pipeline with the stroke of a pen. Ending our energy independence, allowing a waiver so Putin can build his pipeline to supply energy to our allies. 

Now when it comes to Russia, Joe gave the green light, two thumbs up. Here we go, one of our biggest geopolitical foes, who relies on oil and gas, in Russia, to fund all of their proxy wars, all of the nafarious activies they’ve been involved in, including sabotaging America at any chance all over the region. It’s even worse because now the same can be said about sippy cup Joe and Iran. As Joe is working hard again to lift sanctions against the Mullahs in Iran, who you know want to wipe Israel wipe America off the face of the planet. 

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