Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed President Biden’s handling and response to the chaos in Afghanistan as Americans, after 5 days, are “being held at the whim of the Taliban.”

Amid the Taliban takeover of the troubled Middle East nation, the “Hannity” host argued Biden and his administration “still don’t know exactly how many” Americans are trapped behind enemy lines and have “zero plan to rescue any” of them.

“At this hour the Biden administration, they still don’t know exactly how many. Joe’s estimating about 15,000,” he said “They don’t know where they’re located. They can’t even tell us exactly how many have been evacuated. And worst of all, they have zero plan to rescue any Americans.”

Hannity pointed out that while the White House struggles to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan, other nations have developed successful extraction measures using their own special forces.

“And as we speak, there are other countries at least trying and extracting their citizens with their special forces,” he said. “For example, the British are calling it Operation Pity, but the United States as of now has no such program.”

Hannity highlighted the dangers Americans face as they attempt to flee the country, emphasizing that they are “putting their life in the hands” of those who played a large role in the 9/11 attacks that almost 20 years later, still haunt the nation.

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Hannity described the heartbreaking scene of “Afghan families, literally passing their babies over a wall covered with razor wire, begging the British to take their children because they know that their children will be murdered by the Taliban if they don’t get inside of that airport. Think how desperate a mother or father would have to be to do such a thing. But they do it because that’s all they think they can do to save their kids. Because they know what the Taliban is all about and how they treat people.”

Hannity also slammed Biden for dismantling some of Trump’s withdrawal safety measures, including his Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau, despite their purpose of protecting Americans trapped abroad.

“They acted like it wasn’t happening,” Hannity added.  “In fact, an internal State Department cable in July actually warned of Kabul’s imminent collapse. Joe did nothing. And now we’re experiencing what is the single worst foreign policy crisis and debacle ever.”

Hannity called on Biden to step down from the presidency if “he’s not up to do the job,” claiming he and his administration have become “totally detached and out to lunch” and arguing their response to the crisis in Afghanistan is a ‘dereliction of duty.”


“And today, Joe Biden had no public events, again. Called a lid, I’m done, at 3:30 in the afternoon, no press briefing. I guess Jen Psaki is back on vacation because we didn’t hear from her. We haven’t heard a word from Kamala Harris in more than a week. And thousands of American lives are at risk at this hour and the Biden administration is completely, totally detached and out to lunch,” he said.

“This is, by every definition, a dereliction of duty. If Joe Biden is not up for this job. Now, we’ve joked about it. We’ve kidded about it. We’ve shown you the video, and then we stop laughing about it because it’s not funny, because seeing Joe Biden weak and frail and a cognitive mess is not good for the United States. It’s not good for our fellow citizens, those trapped behind enemy lines tonight and it’s not good for the world either. If he doesn’t care about the lives of Americans abroad, if he’s not up to this job, he needs to either step down or be removed. If he just wants to live out his remaining days on a beach in Delaware, I’m fine with that. Step down. Let someone more capable take over.”

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