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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I am Dana Perino, along with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5:00 in New York City. This is THE FIVE. The election fight far from over, Attorney General William Barr giving the green light to the Justice Department to investigate allegations of voter fraud, and the Trump campaign is continuing to file legal challenges to election results.


It comes as top Republicans say they're supporting the president's efforts. Senator Mitch McConnell thinks Trump is within his right to move forward.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anyone who's running running for office can exhaust concerns about counting in any court of appropriate jurisdiction. It's not unusual. It should not be alarming. At some point here, we will find out finally who was certified in each of these states, and the Electoral College will determine the winner.




PERINO: And President-elect Joe Biden is responding to Trump's election challenges.




JOE BIDEN (D) UNITED STATES PRESIDENT-ELECT: The fact that they are not willing to acknowledge we won at this point is not of much consequence in our planning in what we are able to do between now and January 20th. I just think it's an embarrassment, quite frankly. I think it will not help the president's legacy.




PERINO: All right. Let's take it around the half circle here. Katie, let's start with you.


KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, I think when you look at the lawsuits that are being filed and the arguments being made by the Trump campaign and you look at the Democrats' response who keep saying there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. Well, we now have some evidence of wrongdoing and irregularities.


We have notes from poll watchers about things that did not match up in a number of different states. The question is going to be whether they can use that in court. But in terms of the standards here, Democrats dragged this country through a two-year Special Counsel investigation. And what that investigation basically was, was an investigation into fraud for the previous election.


It cost taxpayers $32 million. It tore the country apart. And at the end, after the investigation, it proved nothing. So if Democrats can do that to the country, I think it's OK for Republicans and the Trump campaign, to go through and look at these cases piece by piece to try and make sure that if one person was disenfranchised by fraud that they fix it for the next time.


Because as they have said, this is about future elections, not just the election of President Trump. And I find it interesting that Democrats who are constantly screaming about voter intimidation, voter disenfranchisement, are now not wanting to look at anything when it comes to maybe the possibility that there were some problems in an election where the rules were changed halfway through an election.


We had mass mail-in voting in places like we've never seen before, and maybe we should learn from some of the lessons that we've seen here about how to deal with this in future elections.


PERINO: Greg, I heard you singing so many great points to make.




PERINO: I want to turn it over to you.


GUTFELD: I just like that Joe Biden is so concerned about Trump's legacy. Yeah, after basically calling him a Hitler in his campaign ad and labeling all of his supporters racist. You should really worry about your legacy. I also — one of the things that strikes me is how nervous the Democrats are about moving on.


They are like a pair of high school cheerleaders in a bad neighborhood frantically trying to call Uber. Get me out of here. Sorry, guys. You're on a different time clock right now. And what McConnell says is right. You're going to have to sit and wait this out. I get a feeling that mostly legal is now the mostly peaceful, right?


Remember, they said that 93 percent of the protests were mostly peaceful, that left 7 percent. But I hate to tell you you don't need seven percent to throw a national election. You don't even need two percent. You can get, like, less than one percent in very specific counties. So we're not — so the idea of them saying, like, that there is no widespread fraud.


No one's arguing that. What they are talking about is in specific places, in very specific places. There's something weird going on. And oddly, all those things that are weird went in one direction. None of those things helped Trump. They all miraculously, coincidentally went in the direction to help Joe.


I saw a lot of people online comparing the Republican response to Stacey Abrams losing to, like, you know, how I didn't care, nobody cared. There is a difference between the close race with Stacey Abrams losing and what's happening now. For four years, Stacey Abrams wasn't painted as a Nazi, OK? There was no moral imperative to cheat.


When you call somebody a Nazi, there is a moral imperative that says under all circumstances you can try to unseat that person, OK? That wasn't there. Number two, Republican's are less likely to cheat because they know the media's not going to cover for them, right? But Democrats know that because they're all on the same side.


And number three, Stacey Abrams, there was only data point, her in Georgia. You have got Arizona. You have got Pennsylvania. You have got Wisconsin and you've got Georgia here. And again, all the weirdness went in one direction, so I think I have proved that this election is fraudulent. Thank you, America.


PERINO: All right. Juan Williams, let's get your take on this.


JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: I guess when you don't have the facts, you just pound the table.


GUTFELD: What was the lie there, Juan?




WILLIAMS: This is unbelievable– it's unbelievable that people want to argue everything but the question that is before us, which is where is there evidence of any fraudulent mass effort that would impact the election?




WILLIAMS: And I just — it's just unbelievable. It's damaging to the credibility of our electoral process, our democracy. And they should take responsibility. I am with people like Chris Christie, Pat Toomey, and other Republicans who have said put up or shut up.




WILLIAMS: Do it. There is no evidence at this juncture, otherwise, we wouldn't be having this discussion. They'd be in court making their case. And we are a week after the election. They have got zilch. So what you've got here is all these allegations come down to looking like a con job, because guess what, the Republican Party is out there sending out emails asking for money to pursue the legal effort. Oh, for what, something they have no evidence to prove.


GUTFELD: Kind of like Russian collusion.




WILLIAMS: I think it's Lindsey Graham who let the cat out of the bag. Lindsey Graham said if we don't fight now, Republicans will not win any future elections. Why, because mail-in voting, early voting, allowing to people easy access to the poll. Apparently, he doesn't think Republicans can make a convincing case to the American people without engaging in this kind of effort to demoralize our trust in the American democratic system of elections.


PAVLICH: OK. But Juan, the left — side of the political aisle that demoralized —




PAVLICH: But it's not. Because if you're going to put into doubt the election of the last four years previously and turn around and say, oh, all of a sudden everything is fine without people asking questions. The left are the ones who used government as a weapon. And then when there were questions about the election, you guys sowed the doubt in the electoral system.


They are the ones who are saying let's get rid of the Electoral College. Get rid of it doesn't go our way. Overturn the Electoral College, so you guys sowed the doubt in the first place now that Republicans —




WILLIAMS: What you are saying is what about — you guys did this and tit for tat. But remember, Russian interference was confirmed by U.S. intelligence, not partisan people who said Russia interfered in 2016 and that there was reason for us to check on it, OK? So that's one thing to say. And the second thing to say is what we are dealing with here is a request, a week after the election, to say let's get evidence on the table or let's move on.




WILLIAMS: And you guys have no evidence.


PAVLICH: Jesse, do you have any evidence?


JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Nothing is more important than the integrity of our election. Who said that? Juan Williams said it.


WILLIAMS: I agree.


WATTERS: I have him on tape saying it multiple times. So now, we're going to Juan at his word. We're going to out there and we're going to make sure that this election had integrity.




WATTERS: Multiple analogies —




WATTERS: Say there's a pitcher out there, Juan, and he's throwing some filthy stuff. And we haven't seen a pitcher like this throw stuff like this, balls moving all over the plate. All we want to know, let's check his glove. Let's check his belt buckle. Let's check his hat. If everything checks out, he's good to go. That's all we want. How about this? A car swerving all over the road, officer pulls up, an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver's seat. Would you like to step out of the car, sir? Maybe do a field sobriety test. Maybe even blow the breathalyzer. If he blows under, let him to go. But you guys are refusing to blow. You're even refusing to step out of the car. You are resisting arrest.


It's like the IRS. You see some suspicious transactions, kind of like when the Moscow lady sent a couple million to Hunter. It throws a red flag up. Routine audit, open the books, let's check it out. That's how it works. You don't need evidence right away. You just need the allegation. And you haven't been watching.


They have multiple signed, sworn affidavits from poll workers in Wayne County, Clark County, saying they witnessed the fraud. They witnessed the backdating of the ballots. They witnessed suspicious ballot dumping, harvesting of dead people. That's on the books. So let's just look at it. And I bet after we look at it, there is more evidence of fraud then there was of collusion, and that was zero.


WILLIAMS: I think you've got nothing.


WATTERS: And if it doesn't happen and we don't see it's enough, I'm fine with it. I think the American — you said that you wanted to heal.




WILLIAMS: Oh, yeah, this is helping.




PERINO: All right. Up next, President-elect Joe Biden is planning to undo many of President Trump's policies, what he is targeting for day one, ahead.




WILLIAMS: President-elect Joe Biden planning to undo a slew of President Trump's policies on day one. Biden preparing executive orders, too. And here, I'm going to give you a list. Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, reinstate DACA for the so-called dreamers, and he will also rejoin the World Health Organization.


Finally, Biden wants to repeal President Trump's travel ban on Muslim countries. There are also reports that Joe Biden wants to stop future border wall construction. So Jesse, I was thinking, I wanted to ask you. President Trump made a show of using executive orders to reverse President Obama's agenda, wipe out his legacy. So why can't Biden play by the same rules?


WATTERS: He can do whatever he wants. That's fine. The way I see a Biden term is this. McConnell is going to block the most radical stuff in the Senate. Nancy's margins are pretty small in the House, so no radical sweeping legislation. And the court is solid right. So with these things seem kind of ticky-tack, you know?  


How do you stop construction of the border wall, Juan, if Trump never built the border wall? I mean, DACA is already in place. And rejoining the WHO, that's fine. But if you're not going to enact any reforms needed after the catastrophe with China, then that's stupid. And then rejoining Paris Climate, those are just targets.


Those aren't enforceable anyway, so that doesn't really matter to me. What concerns me about a Biden presidency are three things. He's a member of the lockdown cult. So I feel like if someone says lock it down, he locks it down, and that just destroys the recovery. The gun stuff scares me because he doesn't know a thing about guns.


Every time he opens his mouth, you can tell he's not a gun guy. And if Beto is in charge and if he does something with an executive order with guns, that could tear the country apart. And third, foreign wars, every instinct that Biden has had on foreign policy has been wrong. We've said he is like the George Costanza of foreign policy.


Everything he should do, he does the opposite. And that worries me, because it could get us entangled in another really bloody quagmire.


WILLIAMS: All right. So Katie, on climate change, I think it's clear most Americans want some action. So are the Republicans running the risk of looking like obstructionist sore losers?


PAVLICH: Not if elections have consequences. And they keep the Senate and to have a greater majority in the House, which we're seeing even today, there are more Republican women today who flip seats even in California. So I don't — that's the standard. But, you know, the questions that I ask when I look at these policies, like, getting back into the World Health Organization.


What has the WHO ever done for the United States of America, especially in the last year? They have completely been in been in bed with China. They are part of the reason why we have a pandemic because they covered up for the Chinese about how contagious this thing was. The Paris Climate Agreement, you asked, you know, Americans want some solutions to this.


Well, they have been getting solutions to climate change through the free market. And actually, we decreased our emissions by more outside of the Paris Climate Agreement than we did while we were in it. So basically, a lot of this is just American taxpayers sending their money to corrupt organizations that cover for communist regimes which cause global pandemics that we've been paying for, both with American lives and through lock downs on our economy for months now.


WILLIAMS: OK. So Greg, picking up on what Jesse was saying about the wall, I think — when I looked at Wikipedia, you said —




WATTERS: Wikipedia.




WATTERS: That's where you went to research?


WILLIAMS: No. I went to Politifact, Wikipedia, and the New York Times.


WATTERS: You should see what Wikipedia said about me.




PERINO: I'm going to go look it up.


WATTERS: Fake news.


WILLIAMS: All right, all right. Anyway, so Greg, shouldn't you be mad at Trump for not building the wall he promised and not getting Mexico to pay for it, as opposed to being mad at Biden for saying let's stop this farce?


GUTFELD: I don't know. Maybe you should ask all those Hispanics that voted for Trump. Anyway —




WILLIAMS: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Two-thirds plus of Hispanics voted against Trump.




GUTFELD: But I know facts confuse you.






WILLIAMS: — and you want to celebrate a little margin.


GUTFELD: You've got to go look at the numbers. I asked you to. I thought that Biden was supposed to be a centrist. Weren't we being sold on that? Wasn't America sold on that? And yet, I mean, him calling himself a centrist and then bringing back the Paris scam, it's like calling yourself a vegetarian eating a McRib sandwich right after.


Joe would be an idiot to undo these things because it's going to create job loss, higher taxes, and a recession. And what's that going to do? You're going to open the door for the return of the mac daddy. In 2024, it's going to be 2016 all over again. It's going to replay exactly — you laugh, but that's what happened.




GUTFELD: — the thing is he's already going to have folk hero status. And if Biden totally screws the pooch while sniffing its hair, you're going to see Trump come back on fire. And — I don't know. I could shut up there, but I had another really good point. He's got to realize he wasn't elected to be a leftist.


He was elected because those people who voted for him didn't like Trump. They liked Trump's policies, but they didn't like Trump's personality. So he just should see himself as Trump light (ph). And just, like, don't tweet but just continue the policies. Trust me, that will work enough for everybody. Nobody wants Greta Thunberg with hairplugs.


WILLIAMS: All right. I don't think that climate change is such a radical idea.


GUTFELD: That accord is. You should look at it.




WILLIAMS: Dana, most Americans — and here (ph) I'm saying across political lines. Republicans and Democrats want these young people who came to this country, brought here by their parents illegally, but now have — our (ph) term dreamers to have a path to citizenship, so why fight it?


PERINO: Well, OK. So if you live by the executive order, you can die by the executive order. And so the president was never able to get legislation done. Obama wasn't able to get legislation done. do we think they will be able to get legislation done? Do we think in this divided government that they'll be able to get legislation done?


I don't think so. So I would imagine that an executive order is probably going to happen. I think that is actually one of the ones he will do on day one. I think the climate thing is so symbolic that we shouldn't care about it.




PERINO: Right? And the other thing about the climate piece, as Katie mentioned, our numbers for emissions are way under, even what those targets would be. Part of the reason hat is because we have more natural gas. Where did we get natural gas? We get natural gas from fracking. So if the Biden administration really wants to keep emissions down and they care about the climate, they should leave fracking alone.


WILLIAMS: I think that's what he said he would do on private lands. The question is —  


PERINO: Federal lands.




WILLIAMS: All right. Coming up, Democratic Party infighting, it's boiling over after tough election losses, more moderates calling out the party support for progressive policies, next for you on THE FIVE.




WATTERS: Democrats tearing into each other after some tough election losses. Centrist Congressman Tim Ryan calling out the far left, saying quote, "our brand is not good. We have 70 million people who either hate us or are afraid of us or believe there is this vast spread socialism in our party. It is why we lost so many seats in the House, or some seats were a lot closer than we wanted."


And moderate Senator Joe Manchin says he won't support radical ideas of Democrats' take over the Senate.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I truly that believe Chuck Schumer can work with Mitch McConnell. I believe that in my hear and soul that we can look at things when we can. I have taken off the table. Forget about packing the courts. Forget about the filibuster. Forget about blowing things up. They've been using that as a scare tactic, Dana. That's what's going to happen.  




WATTERS: But Nancy Pelosi still appeasing the progressives. She refused to denounce socialism after Fox News reached out to her office several times for comment. Greg, how could she not respond to a simple Fox News request?


GUTFELD: She's not going to take the bait, Jesse. She's way too smart for that. Look, here's my problem. I've been on this planet. I'm about in my mid-30s.




GUTFELD: I've never seen the party not move left. Like, every time there is this discussion, it's not like there's never ever a correction. I mean, I remember that Bill Clinton was supposed to be a correction, and then I remember that Obama — no, everything always moves left. And the reason why is because that's what the media wants. The media is the third party in this.


It's not just the left and the far left of the Democrats. The media is far, far left. I've never seen a single, critical piece about — in the mainstream media come about AOC or anybody from The Squad. I've never seen it. You could literally marry your brother on Fifth Avenue, and the New York Times would champion your family values.


I'm serious — like, that whole story. Like, it just — it's like — there's no such thing of it moving back to the center. It never does.


WATTERS: Juan, they said that, you know, Biden would be elected and the Republicans would start working with the Democrats, and everything would go back to normal. Do you see that happening?


WILLIAMS: Not at the moment. They seem locked into being obstructionists. I don't know. I don't get it. I don't understand why they are going off on this business about fraud instead of saying you know what, Joe Biden, you won. Let's work together. That, I think, would be healthy for the country.


WILLIAMS: Do you think McConnell and Chuck Schumer are going to break bread and make sure everything is bipartisan, because Joe Biden delivered.


WILLIAMS: No, no, no. But I think — I mean, this is our history. By the way, this has happened in the past. Republicans and Democrats used to be able to work together. I think we are in a really polarized place. It's not great. I will say this, though. Democrats really are a big tent party. And I'm not sure you're picking up on that.


They have to compromise in order to keep their caucus together in a very big way. And we've seen this in the recent past. Remember, among Democrats, Obamacare was a compromise. The economic stimulus plan that helped the auto industry recover after the recession, that was a compromise among Democrats. And politically, AOC and Bernie really, in this past election, guess what.


They compromised in terms of supporting Joe Biden. They did not stand in the way and make a big fuss and tell people on the left, oh, he is not your guy. He's not sufficiently radical, so don't vote for him. They didn't do that. They didn't do that at all.


GUTFELD: Bernie — he was running for president.


WATTERS: I think AOC — I think AOC and the socialists think they have more juice, Katie, than they actually have because she endorsed Bernie. Bernie flamed out. Clyburn, he endorsed Joe Biden, and he got the nomination.


PAVLICH: Yes. But the issue here is that Democrats, in order to keep the middle of the country continue to say that socialism or communism aren't big parts of their party. They're absolutely massive parts of their party. You have Bernie Sanders —


WILLIAMS: Wait, communism?


PAVLICH: Do you want to talk about Bernie Sanders and the Cubans?


WILLIAMS: Oh, my God.


PAVLICH: We don't have all day so I won't go down that.


WILLIAMS: Communism, Katie? Communism?


PAVLICH: Yes, communism. Look it up. Bernie Sanders thinks that Cuban communism and the health care system in America is a good — is what we should emulate in the United States in terms of Medicare for all and government-run health care.


But we don't have time to go through Bernie Sanders' record when it comes to, I don't know, honeymooning in the USSR when it was still a communist country. But we'll move on to what I was going to say, which is, Democrats continue to try and alienate this leftist part of their party that is very aggressive while also keeping them close because they know they have to work with them.


Bernie Sanders ran for president twice. He's very successful, almost beat Hillary Clinton. You have AOC on the cover of magazines with Nancy Pelosi. And look, they can't denounce socialists now because Kamala Harris is the vice president-elect, allegedly, according to Fox News calling it.


And you know, her whole platform is socialism. She's the Green New Deal. She said she wants to get rid of private insurance. And ObamaCare, by the way, was not a compromise, it was a first step to Medicare for all and government-run health insurance, which we're seeing Joe Biden talk about just today when he gave that speech earlier.


WATTERS: You can see the fault lines forming in the party and you're here for it.


PERINO: I cannot wait for all of it. I sort of been thought that this would happen like since 2015 when Bernie Sanders was on the scene. I'm like, OK, here it is. It's coming over the wall. But then they held it together because of — they were against Trump. That was a unifying force for them. And now, they don't necessarily have that. And it's all playing out in the open, which is a lot of fun.


I also think, though, that, you know, Senator Manchin, he just speak as a moderate, but a lot of his votes are to what Greg's point was, is that their left, a lot of them. He voted against tax cuts, voted for impeachment, voted against Amy Coney Barrett, voted against the COVID relief deals.


And so, you have this situation where you have some like Joe Manchin suggest that it's a Republican scare tactic to bring up court-packing, for example. But Republicans didn't say that first, Chuck Schumer did. So, you'll see this also in Georgia. And so — I know we're not talking about a lot about Georgia, but we should, because that's where all the marbles. That's that is really for all the marbles.


So, he says things to one audience, and then another to somebody else. So, he said it was important that funding for police departments should absolutely be on the line. OK, he said that. But he was running ads in rural Georgia saying that he stands with the police and he did the same things on guns. He went on MSNBC saying one thing, he ran ad saying another. So, it's just, you know, be aware.


WATTERS: Typical Democrat. Seriously, what's with these people? Coming up – –


GUTFELD: That's should be a segment.


WATTERS: — some on the far left and in the media are making a list to cancel Trump supporters. Greg's monologue is next on that.




GUTFELD: As the media and Democrats preach healing, their loudest voices are planning something else. They call it accountability, but it's actually retribution. Two weeks ago, I described how Robert Reich got the ball rolling suggesting that the left name and shame anyone connected to Trump. The bearded bozo exposes the sinister underbelly of the so-called tolerant left, salivating at the chance for revenge.


Then there's Hari Sevugan — I don't think I got that right. A former Obama spokesman who touted the Trump accountability project, which vows to keep anyone Trump employed from getting work. Their motto, "Remember what they did."


Others have since joined the vengeful mob. There's Chris Hayes jumping in, the Philly Enquirer, The Nation, the always delightful AOC. And who could forget this deranged crust nugget?




JENNIFER RUBIN, COLUMNIST, WASHINGTON POST: Shunning, shaming these people is a statement of moral indignation that these people are not fit for polite society. It's not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose. They have to — we have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.




GUTFELD: She's gross. No wonder Trump voters were shy around the media's nosy pollsters. The side of peace wants to tear you to pieces. It's never been about compromise unless it's replacing compromise. I just wish they'd wear brown shirts, so we'd recognize them.


But this isn't new. It began years ago before this election, shutting down speakers, banning people from media platforms, canceled culture that delusional woke-ism that energizes the mob in the streets and politics and in media. People losing jobs and businesses, criminals burning buildings, so why not a witch hunt? It fits.


Imagine the reverse after a Trump win. His fans vowing create a MAGA Inquisition. You can't imagine it because we're normal. We see people before we see power. And this is all about power. For us, power is just a controlled substance. But for the left, once they get a whiff, they freebase the whole stash. Then in their feverish high, they get the munchies. Sorry, you're the meal.


So Jessie, if I'm not on a list, or if you're not on a list — I thought you and I are on a list. I better be above you on the list.


WATTERS: And you deserve to be above me on that list. You know what would, I think, get rid of this cycle of revenge politics?




WATTERS: Alcohol. It wasn't too long ago were congressmen used to go after each other, then they'd go out drinking, and doing God knows what till the sun comes up. And they got to know each other and they bonded. And that was when Democrats used to think Republicans were evil. They were just greedy.




WATTERS: Let's return to you guys just thinking we're greedy. I think AOC in this Washington Post woman should go to the Hay-Adams after, you know, leaving Capitol Hill. Maybe Pompeyo should come over with Gaetz and Sarah Sanders. And they should just knock back drinks until the —


PERINO: It does help.


WATTERS: And then — and then they get to know each other. They were actual people. Like when Juan and I went out till 3:00 a.m. to the Black Eyed Peas concert. Juan doesn't want to cancel me now and put me on the list because we bonded. We bonded that night and we'll never forget it.


PERINO: It's true.


GUTFELD: I've just more disgusted that you went to a Black Eyed Peas concert. That music is hideous. So, Juan, you have — on one side, you have your leader saying it's time for healing. But then you have this undercurrent of people saying not so fast, Buster.


WILLIAMS: Wait a second, wait a second. You're saying about people before power. And as I understand it today, or is it yesterday, the President fires the Defense Secretary.


GUTFELD: Yes. That's not canceling.


WILLIAMS: He goes out — wait, that's not cancelling? OK, and then he goes after — he goes after the person who does our national climate change assessment, right? Oh, he just gets rid — so, I guess that's about power, wouldn't you say, when he should be fighting —


GUTFELD: No, you're not making any sense.


WILLIAMS: He should be — he should be fighting the virus. He should be doing things that are about constructive efforts to help America.


GUTFELD: You're not even addressing the story.


WILLIAMS: And he's involved with people, and you say, oh, no, Democrats put power before — I think I see here power plays all the time.


GUTFELD: You miss my point. Let's go back to the list.


WILLIAMS: Well, I take your point — I take your point because you know what, if people even here on this show, when we make mistakes, people call us on it. When we tell lies, people call us on it. If we say — so, why is it that you say oh, it's terrible that people now want to say that people who are involved with enabling Trump should be held accountable. It seems to me there should be consequences for bad behavior.


GUTFELD: All right. So, there should be consequences for anybody that supports Trump. Well done, Juan.


WATTERS: Well, what kind of consequences?


WILLIAMS: What kind of consequences? If a corporation, if I'm running a corporation, I say, you know what, I think this person did something that damages our democracy, our sense of purposes to the American people, because I love America.


PAVLICH: I don't think you want to go down that road.


WATTERS: So, you wouldn't hire anybody that worked for Donald Trump?


WILLIAMS: No. I don't know how I'd feel about them.


WATTERS: They're un-hirable?


WILLIAMS: It depends on who it is. I don't know.


WATTERS: All right, Juan.


GUTFELD: Holy crap.


PAVLICH: That's a weird candor.


GUTFELD: You have gone to the devil, Juan.


WILLIAMS: There we go.


GUTFELD: You — I mean, what you just said is that people can be punished for having a different opinion that you. That's so low for you.


WILLIAMS: No, I did not say that. Are you kidding? I live here, I'm with a different opinion. What are you talking about?


GUTFELD: That's what you said. All right, Katie.


PAVLICH: Well, I would say that the Hay-Adams is far too classy an establishment for Jennifer Rubin. And I like all these people who are, you know, getting put on the list and they're like, bring it on. I don't care about your stupid list. I mean, the reason why there are more Trump voters this time around is exactly because of these acts of bullying.


People I talked to who maybe were not political or people who've changed from being more liberal to conservative talk about this exact issue, how they get bullied and witch-hunted into not being able to be employed simply because they disagree with the status quo mainstream media narrative about how they are supposed to think. And in America, we are free-thinking. That's what we pride ourselves on.


And it's anti-American to make lists of people to ruin their lives just because they worked for someone that you disagree with.


GUTFELD: No, I'm not going to compare them to Hitler or Nazis because I don't do that. But they are kind of like Nazis, Dana. This is a dangerous trend, though. I mean, this is why you have shy voters. The amount of shy voters is only going to grow.


PERINO: What Katie was saying in terms of this actually moved voters, a friend of mine worked for several months on with suburban people, not just women, mix of men and women. They talked to them every week. They talk about the issues. And when cancel culture was big in the news, that was like the number one motivating factor for them to not vote for Democrats.


It doesn't mean that they necessarily love voting for Trump, but they were definitely not going to support the Democrats. And again, just like this guy, John Ossoff, the Democrat in Georgia, he had — he said, he did not want Trump supporters to ever be able to show their faces again.




PERINO: I mean, come on now. How are you going to heal when you got language like that?


GUTFELD: Also, Trump supporters are way better looking than Biden supporters. If anybody is not going to show their face, it should be Biden supporters.


WILLIAMS: Wait a minute, I thought you said all these Hollywood types were Democrats.


GUTFELD: Oh, yes. And they're all hideous.


WILLIAMS: Oh, I see.


GUTFELD: It's all the makeup. I should know. I wear loads of it. Ahead, another big COVID development after yesterday's huge vaccine news.




PAVLICH: Well, that should come as no surprise, a British dictionary naming lockdown as its word of the year. It comes as some big cities consider the possibility of shutting down again due to rising Coronavirus cases. But there is more light at the end of the tunnel. After yesterday's good vaccine news, the FDA now granting emergency authorization for the Eli Lilly Antibody Treatment.


So, Jesse, thoughts on another lockdown.


WATTERS: I mean, liberals love these lockdowns because they get to stop capitalism and they get to say they're doing it to save lives. So, for a liberal, I mean, that is a dream come true and that it's not scientific though. You only needed one lockdown. Fauci said, you only had to do it once because you wanted to buy time to make sure hospitals were ready with the PPE and the therapeutics.


And now they're ready. They're locked and loaded and we're now at like six percent national COVID hospitalization capacity. So, in like a Northeastern city in the wintertime, to lock down, you know, tens of thousands of multi- generational families and small tenements, I mean, that is a recipe for disaster especially because a lot of them in these neighborhoods are Hispanics, Black Americans, sadly more susceptible to getting COVID-19. That would be a dangerous miscalculation.


PAVLICH: Yes. And, Dana, in New York, they found that after the first lockdown, actually 63 percent of new cases came from people who were actually locked down.


PERINO: Right, not those that work. I think that we have figured it out like how you can go to work. Mask up, wash your hands, be socially — like we're not — we're not sitting right here giving each other hugs as much as I would love to hug all of you. You know, you just have to be smart. And I don't think you'll see a lot of lockdowns. I really don't.


PAVLICH: But, Greg, there are people sharing champagne bottles in the streets and putting their masks back on.


GUTFELD: Yes, but that's OK because Biden, you know, won so you can go out and celebrate. But God forbid, you go to church, then you are –just you are a super spreader. But you know, you see — you see Biden say he's going to win, everybody goes out and nobody cares. I think the word — the word of the day should be — or two words, death rates which have been declining dramatically, and the media doesn't cover it enough.


The media focuses on new cases. The reason why you see new cases, testing. As we test more, you get more and more cases because it's so prevalent. If you test, you're going to find it. So, it's going to rise the more you look at it. But the good news is people are becoming more resilient for some reason, I don't know, with the illness. So, we should be getting our lives back to normal. And remember the World Health Organization said that lockdowns don't work.




PERINO: Right.


PAVLICH: Juan, final word to you on the lockdown fiasco.


WILLIAMS: Well, thanks, Katie. You know, I just am amazed at all those far- left nuts, wing-nuts down in the SEC who had to cancel the LSU Alabama game for Saturday because of, guess what, COVID outbreak. Oh, those are clearly wild Democrats who would do such a thing.


WATTERS: They're not locking-down down there.


WILLIAMS: Yes, why are they doing that, Jesse?


WATTERS: They're not locking-down.


WILLIAMS: Look, 119,000 new cases, two-thirds of the states right now on terms of the rolling seven-day average is setting a record and we're in a second wave, Jesse.


GUTFELD: What's the death rate?


WILLIAMS: What we did in the first wave may have to be repeated in the second wave. It's just a matter of saying, you know what, we care about each other —


WATTERS: You would lockdown, Juan?


WILLIAMS: I don't want to get sick.


WATTERS: You would lockdown, Juan?


GUTFELD: I want everybody to get sick and die, Juan.


WILLIAMS: If the scientist say to me, hey you know what, right now we need to lockdown. I'd say, lockdown, OK, but for how long?


WATTERS: Well, the scientists at the WHO, what you guys want to rejoin, said no lockdown.


PAVLICH: Well, we also know that —


GUTFELD: That's quite a stand, quite a brave stand. I don't want people to get sick. Let's see if we should lock down or not. I'm not sure.


WILLIAMS: Well, I'm not — I'm not a scientist. But you know what, that's why.


PAVLICH: But Juan —


WILLIAMS: Existential, like we talked about the word of the year? Right now — last year it was existential, right now it's lockdown.


PAVLICH: I think also it's important to remember the consequences of lockdowns too. Suicide rates are through the roof, drug overdoses, loneliness, all those other health issues. Those are also consequences. "ONE MORE THING" up next.




PERINO: It's time now for "ONE MORE THING." I want to tell you about this young man. 21-year-old Special Olympics athlete Chris Nikic cross the finish line on Saturday to become the first person with down syndrome to complete an Iron Man triathlon. He achieved — he achieved this after he did a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile marathon run in Panama City Beach, Florida. He completed that in 16 hours, 46 minutes and nine seconds. He said his goal was about inclusion and spreading awareness about Down Syndrome and the Special Olympics.


And his mom was too sick to make it down to the Iron Man. And he visited her today and gave her his medal as he promised. And if you go to his Instagram page, Chris Nikic, he also says he's looking for a wife as nice as his mom. Congratulations, Chris. And, Greg, you're next.


GUTFELD: So this was — this whole thing was just to get a chick. I like this guy. I like this guy. Amazing. You know what, that's the way it should be. All right, I want to wish Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.


PERINO: Oh, happy, happy birthday.


GUTFELD: They turned 245 years old today.


PERINO: They look great.


GUTFELD: That's three Joe Bidens just so you know. Established November 10, 1775. We remember that service and sacrifice of all Marines.




GUTFELD: And that is it for me today.


PERINO: On this day in 1999, I believe that my husband and his friend from England got so drunk in San Diego with a bunch of Marines and then I came home and I had to clean it up. I'll never forget it. OK, Juan.


PAVLICH: It was worth it.


WILLIAMS: We're a little bit more than two weeks away from Thanksgiving 2020. So, take a look at people lining up for a turkey giveaway. Thanksgiving is a joyful time. But this year, due to the pandemic and its effect on our economy, lots of people are having to struggle to pay the price of a big bird. So, All Faiths Food Bank in Sarasota, Florida has a goal to hand out 9,000 turkeys to families in need.


They're also handing out all the side dishes, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce. As you can see from the long line of cars, there's a lot of need.




WILLIAMS: But All Faiths Food Banks, in addition to this, plans to serve four million meals to people over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


PERINO: Awesome.


WILLIAMS: You know, America, we're a family. And this American family has to come together. And I think we could follow All Faiths' model in lending a helping hand to others during the coming holiday season.


PERINO: Indeed. Jesse?


WATTERS: Speaking of Marines, Veterans Day is tomorrow. So, if there's a veteran in your life, Fox News Shop has some great gifts for them. This is one of my favorites. This is the proud news — not proud.


PAVLICH: Proud Americans.


WATTERS: Fox News Proud Americans scarf. It's got a great color, it pops, and it's really warm. We have camo hats, Proud American hats, socks, 15 percent off. The code, Fox vet. Shop at


PERINO: Really good. Now, Katie, we've got 15 seconds.


PAVLICH: I can do it. Tomorrow, National Parks and Forests, free entrance fee for veterans and a free — a lifetime pass as well.


PERINO: I love that. Katie, you're the best at one more thing. All right, that's it for us. "SPECIAL REPORT" is up next.


Hi, Bret.


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