TEL AVIV — The Khaled Bin Walid group, subservient to the Islamic State and active in southern Syria, recently released photos purporting to show the executions of three Syrian civilians accused of cooperating with other so-called opposition organizations.

Warning: the pictures below contain violent, disturbing imagery.


The three were executed in two separate incidents, both cases featuring a group of armed militants and residents gathering in the area of the Yarmouk basin, the last significant region where IS continues its activity in Syria, the Bin Walid group stated.

The photos show a bearded organization member reading the accusations of treachery and “abandoning Islam” against the three. They were all found guilty of acting on behalf of opposition “infidel militias.”

In another place, the jihadist organization released photos purporting to show the killing of an Egyptian civilian in Sinai described as a resident of the Al Barth region south of Rafah. He was accused by the terrorist organization of cooperating with the Egyptian military in their bloody war against IS members in Sinai.

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