The Islamic State has released propaganda photos that the terrorist group claims depicts the activities of its jihadists in Iraq despite declarations from the Iraqi government that IS has been ejected from the country.

Two months ago, the Iraqis celebrated the defeat and expulsion of IS from the country. But according to IS propagandists, the group continues to maintain a presence in Iraq and photos have been released on one of the group’s Telegram accounts claiming its members maintain a presence in the desert region that IS called Wilyat Kirkuk, the district of Kirkuk.

The photos, some of which contain graphic imagery, showed organization members eating, practicing with their weapons and participating in a religious lesson as well as images of a medical team.

The district of Kirkuk was, until just a few months ago, under total IS control, but the organization was completely pushed out of the district, according to Iraqi forces.

Meanwhile, IS in Syria has announced that it executed a number of Palestinian fighters in the Yarmouk refugee camp in the area of Damascus.

One of those executed was identified as Bashar Said, a Palestinian resident of the camp who was accused of cooperating with the Syrian regime. The other, Ramez Abdullah, was accused of cooperation with Hamas. The two were both residents of the refugee camp, most of which remains under IS control.

A number of Palestinian factions are fighting alongside the Syrian regime and remain based in Damascus, having stayed in the capital at the outset of the civil war, unlike Hamas, which refused to support the regime. Most of the Palestinian terrorists are linked to secular organizations like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.


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