“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy blamed President Biden for the “women and children killed in the streets” of Afghanistan during a passionate monologue Sunday night where he addressed the deteriorating situation as the Taliban continues to gain control.

“When Joe Biden became president, he made a point of telling the world that America is back. As if we had gone somewhere, he was Moses leading us out of the wilderness and the media, of course, they fell for it,” Gowdy told viewers. “But others know better. Ask the people hanging on to the wheels of American planes. Ask the women and children killed in the streets and ask our allies and friends tortured because they dared to take America at its word.”


As Gowdy spoke, harrowing images taken on the ground in Afghanistan over the past week appeared on screen alongside him.

“Usually there would be a warning here, that images you are about to see are disturbing,” Gowdy told viewers. ” But just because something is disturbing does not mean we should not see it, we should force ourselves to see these images because if we think these images are disturbing, what about the reality of actually living through and dying through the images.”

“Can you can feel the desperation required to hang on to the wheel of a plane, to leave your family and your friends, maybe forever, just to escape?”

— Trey Gowdy, ‘Sunday Night in America’

“Imagine what it would take for you to climb to a wheel well of an airplane,” he continued. “Your chances for survival are zero, you are simply choosing the manner in which you will die. You are choosing to die with this fleeting moment of freedom rather than being beaten or stoned to death. Can you can feel the desperation required to hang on to the wheel of a plane, to leave your family and your friends, maybe forever just to escape? Can you imagine a country where the streets are devoid of women and girls because they are too scared for their lives to appear in public?” he asked. “Can you can imagine a country where your friends are targeted, beaten, killed simply and only because they are your friends?”


“Can you think of a country where your religion can get you hanged? And what about the images of military equipment you developed, and you built, and you paid for, being controlled by a group that stones women to death. The images do not match the representation of our country,” he continued. 

“The images do not match the greatness of our country. The images do not match what we expect from ourselves. What is the use of being the world’s greatest superpower if you can’t stop women and children from being killed? And what is the value in being the strongest country on Earth if you can’t protect your friends…and what’s the value of being great if your friends and allies cannot trust your greatness?”

“What is the value of being great if your friends and allies cannot trust your greatness?”

— Trey Gowdy, ‘Sunday Night in America’

Gowdy rejected Biden’s pledge he made to the public following his 2020 victory.

“Biden said that America is back, he was wrong. the Taliban is back,” Gowdy said. “And America? Well, America is leaving. Leaving the women and children. Leaving those who believed in us. Leaves those who risked and gave their lives for us. America does not leave women, girls, children our friends or fellow Americans behind, period. Greatness comes with a price. What we’re seeing in Afghanistan is not American greatness,” he said. “It is an American failure.”

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