A “bipartisan” election integrity group linked to George Soros, Bill Gates, and the Chinese Communist Party war-gamed several 2020 election scenarios to formulate how to overthrow Donald Trump if he’s reelected.

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP), hailed by the media as a “bipartisan” effort comprised of about 80 political operatives, was apparently created to find available options for Democratic candidate Joe Biden should President Trump refuse to concede the election.

In one election scenario conducted last week, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, tasked to play Joe Biden, refused to concede the election, resulting in several Democrat-run states threatening to secede from the United States if Trump won a second term.

From The New York Times:

For their war game, they cast John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, in the role of Mr. Biden. They expected him, when the votes came in, to concede, just as Mrs. Clinton had.

But Mr. Podesta, playing Mr. Biden, shocked the organizers by saying he felt his party wouldn’t let him concede. Alleging voter suppression, he persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College.

In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned. The House named Mr. Biden president; the Senate and White House stuck with Mr. Trump. At that point in the scenario, the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.

Notably, this “bipartisan” TIP group is anything but bipartisan.

It’s packed with not just Democrat operatives like former DNC chair Donna Brazile, Arianna Huffington, and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, but also “Never Trump” Republicans like Bill Kristol, former RNC Chair Michael Steele, Washington Post columnist Max Boot, and The Atlantic contributor David Frum.

Not one person in this media-touted “bipartisan” group supports President Trump.

Not only that, but the TIP group itself was founded by Rosa Brooks, a board member of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and Clinton/Obama underling, and Nils Gilman, vice president of the Chinese Communist Party-linked Berggruen Institute, according to The National Pulse.

It seems this group is laying the groundwork for what will certainly be a contested election due to Democrat dirty tricks like mail-in-voting, and calculating how they will take control even if Trump is reelected.

Watch TIP co-founder Gilman discuss the group on the far-left news program Democracy Now!:


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Top democrats including Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters and Joe Biden are running with the talking point that Trump will lose the election refuse to leave and have to be forced from office.

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