Washington Nationals pitcher Erick Fedde had an unexpected visitor during the national anthem on Tuesday.

A praying mantis landed on him.

Rather than bug out, Fedde smiled as the creature decided to give him a full inspection, crawling up his arm, checking out his neck and then perching on his right shoulder for much of the song.

When the anthem ended, Fedde still didn’t reach for a swatter. He calmly walked back to the dugout with the mantis still on him and even paused to introduce a teammate to his new pal.

The Nationals lost the game, but Fedde seems to have made a new friend:

Did we just become best friends??‍♂️? https://t.co/oqrMZtDXkq

— Erick Fedde (@ErickFedde) August 8, 2018

Compare that to the reaction of then-Florida Marlins player Logan Morrison in 2011 when he got a surprise visit from a praying mantis:

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