Retired world champion boxer George Foreman sounded off Wednesday as several high-profile U.S. athletes continue to publicly express anti-Americanism, in concert with some segments of social society.

Foreman, 72, who won a gold medal at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics that also prominently featured two Black Power gestures on the podium from the United States’ Tommie Smith and John Carlos, told “Fox News Primetime” that he has “always loved America.”

Host Brian Kilmeade asked how Foreman, who is Black, continued to proudly celebrate America, even as institutionalized segregation and conflicted views about the Vietnam War were still fresh in people’s minds during the prime of his career.

“I have always loved America. And once you fall in love just like falling in love with your wife, no one can say anything about her,” Foreman remarked. “The next night she is still my wife. And I’m going to stay. That’s why you make that thing ‘until death do we part.’ That’s why nothing has ever shook my faith and love in the country and when you love a country, nothing can bother you. If you are halfway in love you are going to have a lot of trouble.”

Foreman said that people of all backgrounds and from all parts of the country helped him through his journey to the pinnacle of athletics, saying they represented why he truly loves this country.

In addition, Foreman heaped praise on President Lyndon Johnson, NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown and fellow boxer Muhammad Ali.

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He added that despite the current views of law enforcement by some political factions, the nation’s police departments have played a key role in the elevation of minority youth and athletes.

“It was the police who started the PAL, Police Athletic League. They taught us how to box. They would travel from one state to the other to see that we won these golden gloves tournament. They sent us off to the Olympics. I have this fond memory and love for this country and the people in this country. Nobody will ever be able to talk me out of that. That’s love,” Foreman reiterated.

He characterized the anti-American sentiment gripping parts of the country as a “fashion” situation.


“It’s all fashionable to be anti-American. It’s fashionable. People ask me what are you talking about? Can’t you see what was done then and what was done now? Can’t you see? And I tell them swiftly, you can’t talk me out of my love,” he said.

In this week’s Olympics matchup, Sweden’s women’s soccer team blanked the United States – after both teams took a knee in protest prior to the game.

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