New reports confirm China lied about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, making the question of how the incoming Biden administration will hold Beijing accountable an urgent one, Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane told "America's Newsroom" Monday.

"The Chinese did everything they possibly could to squelch that story, to hide it, and then a massive campaign of a false narrative went out," Keane told host Trace Gallagher.

"But … the world got this one right. It backfired on the Chinese Communist Party. The world writ large believes that China is the origin of what was a local epidemic, and they spread it to a world pandemic. The world, at least in rhetoric, [and] hopefully more in facts and deeds, is holding China accountable."

According to Keane, every nation has had to or must reassess its "strategic relationship with the Chinese Communist Party." Some nations are unable or unwilling to change that relationship because their economies are so closely intertwined.

"Others like the United States … are adjusting that, for good reason. Because this is a country that clearly lies through its teeth to protect its own narrative and reputation, and does significant harm to its own people."


When Gallagher asked Keane how he thought Biden would approach the China issue after his inauguration next month, the retired four-star Army general called it "the big question."

"The real issue is, are they willing to confront the Chinese Communist Party and deal with the major issues of regional domination and global domination, seeking economic, military and technological superiority … Are we willing to take all that on? That remains an open question."

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