Shepard Smith criticized Donald Trump on his Fox News program Thursday over the president’s often-repeated, baseless claims that Robert Mueller “had it out” for him.

Trump said again, without evidence, that the former special counsel, a lifelong Republican, was a “total conflicted person” and a “true never-Trumper” who was biased against him from the start. “Despite that,” the president gloated on Thursday, Mueller “got nothing” damaging on the president (which he did).

Trump also insisted again that Mueller had a grudge against him because the president didn’t pick him as FBI director — a job he claims Mueller “wanted very badly.”

“Of course there’s no evidence this story is true,” said Smith. Smith cited former White House strategist Steve Bannon’s observation that Mueller had never sought the job.

Smith also pointed out that Trump has claimed that Mueller “loves” James Comey, whom Trump fired as FBI director.

“The president attacking the investigator, true to pattern,” the Fox News host said.

Fox White House correspondent John Roberts said Trump’s own advisers and the Justice Department found no conflicts to block Mueller from being appointed special counsel to lead the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

But “the bar” in Trump’s “political rhetoric is a lot lower, so we can expect to hear the president continue to discredit Mueller in the days and weeks and months ahead,” Roberts warned.

Check out Smith’s attitude in the video above.

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