Lindsey Vonn, the most successful American ski racer in history, suffered a back injury while competing at the World Cup in Switzerland, threatening her participation in the Olympic games next year.

Fox News could barely contain its glee.

In an article posted without a byline, the network quickly connected Vonn’s injury to her criticism of President Trump days earlier. The clear implication is that, as a result of her comments, Vonn deserved to get hurt.

This was not the case of an overzealous headline writer. The first two paragraphs of the article also make the connection.

American skiing star Lindsey Vonn has withdrawn from her Sunday events at the World Cup in Switzerland after suffering a back injury during a super-G race on Saturday.

The injury occurred two days after she criticized President Donald Trump in an interview about the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The connection between Vonn’s comments and her injury was also made on air Sunday morning on Fox & Friends.

Vonn commented that when she participates in the Olympics, she views it as representing the United States, not the president. She offered mild criticism of Trump without mentioning him by name.

I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president. I take the Olympics very seriously and what they mean and what they represent, what walking under our flag means in the opening ceremony. I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.

Vonn also said that she would not visit the White House if she won an Olympic medal. Trump had previously attacked Steph Curry for refusing to visit the White House after winning the NBA championship.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders criticized Vonn for refusing “to represent America,” which is not actually what Vonn said.

Prior to her injury, Vonn’s comments were harshly criticized on Fox. Ainsley Earhardt, a co-host of Fox & Friends, called her “very un-American.”

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