Fox News host Neil Cavuto said he knew he’d “get an earful” after accusing President Donald Trump of creating a “moral bust” on Thursday night’s broadcast of “Your World.”

“And sure enough I did,” he revealed on Friday’s show.

Cavuto has previously been known to read the nasty messages he’s received in response to a segment, live on air. But this time, he decided to react differently — by grouping the “thousands” of angry social media posts and emails he was sent into 10 categories based on “why many of you think I said it.”

Cavuto then spent almost 10 minutes explaining just why explanations for his criticism of the president were because he “just hates Trump,” “is just a left-wing lunatic” and “is angry he hasn’t been granted a Trump interview” were indeed fake news.

Check out the segment below:

Neil reads your emails reacting to his Common Sense

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