After completely ignoring the Stormy Daniels story on Monday, Fox & Friends finally devoted a segment to the scandal surrounding President Trump’s alleged affair and hush payment to the adult film actress. But host Ainsley Earhardt went to extreme lengths to downplay it, making the case that the media has “a double standard” because they have “forgotten about Bill Clinton,” who was impeached 20 years ago.

On Tuesday, Trump’s favorite show featured a panel discussion between Earhardt, RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, and Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov. Earhardt opened the segment by suggesting that nobody but the media cares about Trump’s alleged affair with Daniels.

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“As their Russia narrative falls apart, some in the media are now finding a new obsession,” Earhardt said, before asking McEnany, “are they obsessed with this story?”

After McEnany opined that “the media’s goal is to distract and destroy this president,” Earhardt asked Tarlov, “Is this a double standard? Have we forgotten about Bill Clinton?”

As Tarlov pointed out, Clinton’s accusers were in fact featured on Monday night’s edition of Hannity. But McEnany made a case that Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey deserve even more coverage a full two decades after Clinton’s impeachment.

Earhardt ended the segment by blaming Clinton for the alleged lack of interest in Trump’s sexual conduct.

“Do you think America care about this kind of stuff? You know, maybe our country for the good or for the bad has changed after Bill Clinton,” she said.

Earhardt said what Americans really care about is that “this is a president that is creating jobs, creating bonuses for individuals, putting people back to work with all the tariffs and changing all of these laws so that the steel industry improves here in our country, the aluminum industry improves in this country. As they go to the polls, and they have to weigh out all their options, what’s most important?”

But anybody who lived through the late 1990s can attest, it is simply not the case that there was a dearth of mainstream media coverage about Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct.

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And while McEnany was allowed to smear Daniels as a liar during the Fox & Friends segment, the White House has had a hard time reconciling their blanket denials with the reality that Trump’s personal lawyer paid Daniels $130,000 for her silence shortly before the 2016 election — a payment some think may have violated federal campaign laws.

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