Washington (CNN)GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and progressive activist and actress Alyssa Milano plan to meet next Tuesday to discuss gun violence after sparring on Twitter over the issue in the wake of a mass shooting in the senator’s home state of Texas.

“I’ll be meeting with (Cruz) on Tuesday about guns. We don’t agree on this issue. But if we can talk with mutual respect & humility, maybe all of us come together to effect positive change. I will enter this with an open heart, ears and mind. I hope he does the same,” Milano tweeted on Wednesday. In response to the actress’ tweet, Cruz said he looked forward to the meeting and that “if all of us can together have more positive, civil discussion & debate on the substantive issues of the day, that would go a long way to helping unite and heal our divided Nation.” Cruz’s office confirmed the meeting was happening but did not immediately provide CNN with additional details. CNN has reached out to a representative for Milano for further details. The meeting announcement comes on the heels of a Twitter exchange earlier in the week between the two over gun ownership after Milano, in response to a tweet by Texas state GOP Rep. Matt Schaefer that implied gun ownership was a God-given right, asked if someone could “cite which passage of the Bible God states it is a god-given right to own a gun?” Responding to her tweet, Cruz said the actress posed an “excellent (question), worth considering carefully (without) the snark of Twitter,” adding that “It is of course not the right to a modern-day firearm that is God-give(n) but rather the right to Life & the right to Liberty.” Chicago mayor to Ted Cruz over city shootings: 'Keep our name out of your mouth'Chicago mayor to Ted Cruz over city shootings: 'Keep our name out of your mouth'Chicago mayor to Ted Cruz over city shootings: 'Keep our name out of your mouth'Read MoreThe exchange between Cruz and Milano occurred several days after a man in West Texas killed seven people and wounded 22 others in a shooting spree on Saturday. Federal investigators are now looking into the sale of the weapon used in the rampage in a probe that highlights the debate around background checks for gun buyers. Congressional Democrats have been pushing the Republican-controlled Senate to pass background check legislation approved by the House earlier this year. In a tweet on Monday about the potential meeting, Milano said the discussion with Cruz, who has been a longtime opponent of stricter gun laws, should be live-streamed “so the American people can hear (his) bulls*** 1st hand.” This week’s spat is not the first time Milano got testy with Cruz on Twitter. In 2017, Milano called for a group hug in a tweet after it became clear a Democratic candidate would lose a Georgia special election. In response to the tweet, Cruz said that “We all need a hug,” but the actress made her feelings toward the senator clear: “Not you, @tedcruz. You’re not invited.”

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