On the Fox Business Network on Friday, Fox News Medical Contributor and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professor Dr. Marty Makary criticized the CDC’s guidelines on travel by saying that low-risk people who haven’t been vaccinated can travel by air if they take mitigation measures and the CDC’s guidance is missing the fact that everyone’s not equal risk.

Makary said, “Well, the key omission in the CDC guidance and in the comments [was] the fact that everybody is not the same risk, right? If you’re very low risk and you don’t have a chronic condition and you want to travel, maybe it’s not essential that you limit that travel to just what’s absolutely critical, maybe you can travel with a mask liberally and enjoy your life and live a life. You can do that with mitigation. The data’s in. But if you’re high risk, then I would say limit that risk — limit that travel to essential travel, if you’re unvaccinated. Remember, this guidance came about four months too late. We got the vaccines in December. Why are we learning now that if you’re vaccinated, you can now travel?”

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