Appearing Friday on Fox & Friends, a former Orange County, Florida, Fire Rescue battalion chief alleges that he was fired for refusing to enforce a vaccine mandate, calling the rules “unlawful.”

A transcript is as follows:

STEPHEN DAVIS: I was terminated a few days ago. I was trying to tell them that what they were doing — I was supposed to write people up — was unlawful. That’s essentially what happened.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Write people up because they didn’t get vaccinated? And when you didn’t discipline people underneath you, they fired you?

DAVIS: Yes, they fired me because I wouldn’t write people up who had religious exemptions. […] I said we have people on this list who should not be getting written reprimands because they are vaccinated. There are also people on this list who have applied for religious exemptions that should not be getting written reprimands and, yet, they were. When I challenged those things, they told me here is a direct order, you will do it. I said well this is unlawful and we can’t could this. So this is where we are sitting now and several weeks later I was terminated.


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