A boat in Florida was apparently jealous of all the attention being given to that giant cargo ship wedged in Egypt’s Suez Canal.

On Thursday evening, the 38-foot-long pink-and-white boat somehow landed on Interstate 10 near Crestview, blocking traffic for hours, according to NWF Daily News.

The accident happened when a 64-year-old Pensacola man was hauling the boat west when the trailer started to sway and collided with a guardrail.

There were no injuries, according to a Facebook post from the Crestview Fire Department, which said the Florida Highway Patrol removed the boat.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users couldn’t help but share their strong opinions about the incident, especially the way it paralleled the plight of the Ever Given in the Suez Canal.

Boats around the world are trying to duplicate their kin's successful blocking of the Suez Canal. https://t.co/9HtoOb5aYy

— Kim Bhasin (@KimBhasin) March 26, 2021

Man this is just the week of boats behaving badly https://t.co/hn5ghSH6MA

— G. Willow Wilson (@GWillowWilson) March 26, 2021

Have we considered the possibility that it's an uprising? https://t.co/aor1SyUuoV

— Patrick Andelic (@pkandelic) March 26, 2021

Are boats… unionizing? https://t.co/aOAlZH8oxW

— Isaac Fitzgerald🤞🏻🖤 (@IsaacFitzgerald) March 26, 2021

I think the boats have had enough of our shit https://t.co/XnMss8vcoJ

— St. Sunflower🌼🌸🌻 (@floraenthusiast) March 26, 2021

This can only mean one thing: INVASION. #boatpocalypse https://t.co/XGfCWFXlE3

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