A passenger aircraft from South Korea has arrived in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the former epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak.

All international flights to Wuhan had been suspended for almost eight months.

The flight by South Korean airliner T’way Air had 60 passengers on board, including 11 South Koreans.

According to CGTN, passengers had to present documents proving that they tested negative for the coronavirus “within 72 hours of departure” in a hospital chosen by the Chinese Embassy in South Korea.

Xinhua reported that upon arrival, the passengers were placed in hotels for a two-week “medical observation” after being tested at the airport.

T’way Air earlier said that it would resume weekly flights between Wuhan and the South Korean city of Incheon.

Wuhan was the first city where Covid-19 was recorded in December of last year, and remained the top hotspot during the first few months of the outbreak. It was also the first city to be placed under strict lockdown in late January, when all flights were suspended.

The lockdown was gradually lifted starting from March as China managed to largely contain the spread of the disease.

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