A former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee has slammed President Donald Trump’s flouting of government guidelines to host an indoor campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada, on Sunday in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tim Miller, in a blistering op-ed for the conservative news website The Bulwark, wrote Monday that everything about the event — at which many of Trump’s supporters were pictured not socially distancing or wearing face masks aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19, and which was denounced by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) as “reckless and selfish” ― was “fucking appalling.”

It was a “truly shocking and unimaginably wheels-off undertaking given that it came amid a pandemic that is still killing a thousand Americans a day and with wildfires making much of the West Coast uninhabitable,” said Miller, a longtime Republican who served as the RNC’s deputy communications director on Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) 2012 run for president. Miller was later the communications director on Jeb Bush’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign.

Miller suggested Trump’s rally ― his first indoors since June’s poorly attended event in Tulsa, Oklahoma ― “was so appalling that it would stand out as the single most appalling and reckless political event hosted by any presidential nominee in my lifetime before yesterday by a long shot, if you just didn’t count anything else that Donald Trump did.” Public health officials believe the Tulsa rally “likely contributed” to a spike in the coronavirus.

Trump has “numbed” many people with his conveyor belt of scandals, Miller wrote, warning people to continue speaking up against the president’s controversies.

“All the president’s grotesqueries matter,” Miller concluded. “This is just the latest.”

Read Miller’s full editorial here.

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