A highly-anticipated Department of Defense report on UFO sightings by the U.S. military answered a few questions but left some unanswered, including how many incidents have gone unreported and how many occurred prior to the Pentagon tracking such data.

Lue Elizondo, the former Pentagon chief of its UFO task force, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday that of the 144 sightings analyzed in the report, only one has been empirically solved.

“This is a historic moment for us in our country and our military, our intelligence community, has, and informed Congress that these things are real and that they are not ours and they seem to be performing at least some of them in remarkable ways,” Elizondo said.

“When you look at this report very carefully, the reporting only began around the March 2019 time era when the Navy established its reporting requirements and then later on in November of 2020; 8 months ago; at the air force so we have 144 reports really concentrating in just the last year and a half involving only military equities and the report further stipulates that a large majority of reporting goes unreported.”

Tucker reacts to unclassified government UFO report Video

Elizondo said that the “stigma” and “taboo” nature of extraterrestrial claims have undoubtedly prevented military members from reporting such things.

“So, one can surmise there’s actually a lot more than just 144 incidents involving the Navy and just last year and a half.”

Host Tucker Carlson added that the remaining mystery despite the release of the report is a testament to the “uncurious” leadership in Congress and the bureaucracy.

Elizondo added that it is also pretty clear many if not all of these are non-human entities being seen.


“The question is what is it: And people jump to speculation [like they’re] from the Pleiades, but when in fact one of the hypothesis was this could be as natural as we are but we are just at a point where technologically we are advanced enough we can collect information on it and begin to try to figure out what it is.”

“There’s been another hypothesis of things from underwater and as outlandish as it may seem, there is some anecdotal evidence that supports all of these observations.”

“So what we want to do is try to get as much data on the table as we can before we start eliminating what something is or is not.”

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