Friday, ESPN “First Take” moderator Molly Qerim weighed in on the XFL’s plan to keep politics and social issues out of the league, something the NFL has failed to do, calling it “divisive.”

Domonique Foxworth stated, “This idea they are going to use this political wedge issue and social wedge issue as their main marketing campaign, I think that’s a mistake.”

“It feels divisive,” Qerim tacked on. “It almost, the way many have been turned off by the NFL, I think people will equally be turned off by this model. Because I feel a bit turned off by it, to be honest with you, Will, how they are marketing it.”

“To be free from politics?” Will Cain challenged. “If you’re promising to be free from politics, that’s divisive?”

Qerim replied, “Yeah. That is political.”

“If you’re not political you are political?” Cain asked.

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