Eric Trump had an embarrassing “gotcha” moment Friday after he gleefully preened about catching a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post journalist who was just doing his job.

President Donald Trump’s second son had intercepted a message sent by reporter David Fahrenthold apparently seeking off-the-record information from a Trump Organization staffer.

“These are the tactics used by the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos — you should be very proud,” Trump tweeted disdainfully.

These are the tactics used by the @WashingtonPost. @JeffBezos – you should be very proud… 🙄

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) September 6, 2019

That’s pretty much the way information is often gathered, Eric, journalists and Twitter critics schooled him. Reporters try to get sources who can provide … information, they noted.

Fahrenthold himself explained his strategy for gathering news in a Washington Post tweet after Trump’s jab. “This a kind of an email I send all the time,” said Fahrenthold, who covers the Trump Organization. “A lot of journalism is finding people who know something you want to know … [and] reaching out.”

Post reporter David A. @Fahrenthold talks about his reporting on the Trump Organization.His stories are here:

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) September 6, 2019

Others were only too happy to set Trump straight — or mock him.

Ummm, Eric. This is called journalism.Speaking to sources on background and anonymously sourcing documents to expose corruption is par for the course.I think you should learn how to use this other neat thing called Google before you tweet.

— Ahmed Baba (@AhmedBaba_) September 6, 2019

Those bastards send polite emails reaching out to potential sources. How dare they?

— Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 6, 2019

Congratulations. You’ve just illustrated the difference between real news and fake news:👉 Real news solicits for sources.👉 Fake news doesn’t need sources.Better stick to stealing money from pediatric cancer charities.

— J. Dice 🎲 (@jdice03) September 6, 2019

And—even worse—he takes what sources tell him, checks it against other sources, and reports what checks out! In a story!! To the public!!! Using a keyboard!!!!

— John Hausman (@JohnSHausman) September 6, 2019

You really nailed him here Eric…. A reporter asking for information!

— Sam Stein (@samstein) September 6, 2019

— Tony Stark 2020 💥⎊ (@1IronMan2020) September 6, 2019

yeah, it's called Pulitzer Prize winning journalism

— Sandi Bachom (@sandibachom) September 7, 2019

Yes Eric.Developing sources and obtaining background material is called "investigative journalism".It's diametrically opposed to @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson and @JudgeJeanine, who rely on strawmen and lies.Journalism vs #FakeNewsGlad I could help clear this up for you.

— Mike Marler (@MikeDMarler) September 7, 2019

Wow. An extremely respectful and professional email.

— Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) September 6, 2019

Lol is this supposed to make Fahrenthold look bad? He looks like a total pro here

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) September 6, 2019

Anyway, if anyone wants to leave a tip about the Trump Org for the Washington Post, Eric was kind enough to broadcast to the entire internet exactly how to do so.

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) September 6, 2019

In which @erictrump inadvertently helps @Fahrenthold recruit new sources.

— Jack Shafer (@jackshafer) September 6, 2019

quite nice of Eric Trump to show young journalists everywhere a model template for reaching out to sources

— Steadman™ (@AsteadWesley) September 6, 2019

For Eric’s sake, let’s say that he’s upset by @Fahrenthold’s use of “an” when he meant “a” before the line about sending documents via snail mail.

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) September 6, 2019


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