Columnist E. Jean Carroll on Monday revealed new details about an alleged attack in which Donald Trump groped and then raped her in a dressing room 23 years ago.

Carroll sat down with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and described Trump as a charmer, who on the day of the attack in the mid-1990s, tried to impress her with luxury goods and then demanded that she try on some lingerie in a Bergdorf Goodman store.

“I proceeded into the dressing room. The minute he closed that door I was banged up against the wall,” she said. “I hit my head really hard. … It shocked me. For a moment I was stunned. Then he tried to kiss me.”

Watch the clip at CNN:

E. Jean Carroll alleges Donald Trump attacked her at a New York luxury department store in the late 1990s.Trump has denied the allegations, saying, “I have no idea who this woman is.”E. Jean Carroll joins Alisyn Camerota to tell her story. (Part 1)

— CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2019

In a statement on Friday, the president said in response to Carroll’s allegations that he’d “never met this person in my life,” and offered that she was using the rape allegation to sell a book.

“She is trying to sell a new book — that should indicate her motivation. It should be sold in the fiction section,” Trump said.

The writer who pens the “Ask E. Jean” column for Elle is the 16th woman to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.

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