Video posted Monday shows a woman in Half Moon Bay, California, hurling racist epithets at an Asian-American family while driving past them — less than two weeks after a similarly charged incident against a Korean-American man occurred in the Bay Area.

“Go back to your country, bitch,” the woman can be heard saying in a video captured by Facebook user Sandra Lee as the driver holds up her middle finger. “Bye, China.”

In a Facebook post shared on Monday, Lee said she was in the car with her husband and two kids when the incident occurred. The clip has more than 2,000 shares as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to Lee’s Facebook post, the driver made the racist statements after attempting to make a right turn as Lee’s husband tried to go straight on a green light.

“She was shouting at us the whole time until we were able to change to different lane to avoid any trouble,” Lee wrote. “I’m beyond furious knowing that my kids had heard all the swearing and what racism is like. I’m so sad to see such a hatred around our country.”

Lee, who said a friend of hers endured a similar incident a week before, said her family stayed silent throughout the encounter. She noted that while she decided to keep quiet to keep her children safe, she wanted to share the video to raise awareness surrounding the racism she and others have experienced.

“Being silent might get you by that day. But will it end? We can not change the way these people think,” she wrote. “But I really hope that this video along with rest of other similar videos will teach these people that there are consequences and hopefully SHUT them up.”

Just last week in Fremont, California, a woman was caught on video pulling her eyes back and shouting “This is not your fucking country” to James Ahn, a Korean-American member of the Air Force Reserve. Though Ahn reported the incident, the local police department did not take action against the woman.

“You could call this hate speech but as horrible as it is — and we clearly don’t condone any of it — it is protected by the First Amendment,” Fremont Police Department spokesperson Geneva Bosques told the New York Post at the time. “The other piece of this is that these two motorists were driving in traffic yelling at each other and the situation could’ve been worse for other drivers around them.”

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