Drew Barrymore says the contested rumor that the body of her late grandfather, the actor John Barrymore, was removed from the morgue by his friends for one final party is true.

The “Santa Clarita Diet” star said ― while taking part in YouTube channel First We Feast’s latest spicy wings challenge ― that the actor Errol Flynn, comedian W.C. Fields and poet Sadakichi Hartmann had indeed propped her grandfather’s corpse against a poker table following his death at age 60 in 1942.

“And I will say this, I hope my friends do the same for me,” Barrymore said. “That is the kind of spirit I can get behind. Just prop the old bag up. Let’s have a last few rounds.”

“I think death comes with so much morose sadness, and I understand that,” Barrymore added. “But if it’s OK, just for me, if everyone could be really happy and celebratory and have a party, that would be my preference.”

Check out Barrymore’s comments from the 4:50 mark below:

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