Dr. Gina Loudon joined Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon and SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, broadcasting live from the Restoration Weekend event.

Loudon, who once hosted a radio show in Alabama, said she loves “the way Alabama reclaimed their independence” on the Roy Moore issue.


“Watching them over the last week, I could not be more proud for that to be my ‘sweet home.’ That’s how I refer to Alabama,” she said. “They have stood for due process. They have stood for innocent until proven guilty. They really stood for everything, Steve, that the liberals scream about every single day, and say they believe, while the good solid patriotic Americans in Alabama have actually stood for it this week, in ways that I’ve never seen.”

“They were not going to let this person that they chose be tried in the court of public opinion,” she declared. “How wrong is that? I don’t even care what you think about Roy Moore. I don’t even care what anyone thinks about Roy Moore. The fact that the media thought that they could take this from the people of Alabama was reprehensible and abhorrent, and I am so glad that they stood up in the face of that threat.”

Bannon asked Loudon why she thought celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred became involved in the Moore story.

“Greed,” Loudon replied. “I’m sorry, it’s just that simple. It’s really that simple and transparent I think today with the entire regressive left. They’re in a panic.”

“You know how when you watch a drain drain? We’re virtually watching this swamp as it’s being sucked down, and it’s swirling around, and you can just picture all the little swamp monsters screaming for dear life. To them, life is the Establishment apparatus that they have experienced the luxury of for decades now, at the expense of real people on Main Street, real people in Alabama, real people in the Ozark mountains. The difference between this president and any other candidate that we’ve ever had before is he never had to go there,” she said.

“Nobody in my life was supporting President Trump for president,” she recalled. “My husband, my friends, my business partners, everyone. I remember walking into rooms and I would be giving speeches. We were so lonely! I remember my speech for one entire year had one title: ‘Have You Ever Been Wrong?’ Because I knew I would be walking in and having to confront people with the fact that they might be wrong about this man.”

“It’s been such a journey,” Loudon reflected. “Don’t you still feel like we wake up every single day and it’s something? I remember getting on the phone early with Katrina Pierson and people like Ned [Ryun] and just sort of conspiring – how are we going to battle back at this ridiculous accusation? What we saw happen this week with Roy Moore is just a continuation of the attacks that they have thrown our way.”

“It’s not going to change. And this is the thing: If we back down on this, we not only submit to their crucifixion of our entire movement, right? We hand them literally the rule of law. We hand it over to them and it becomes their rule. And we say, ‘Who’s next? You’re going to accuse Steve Bannon? You’re going to accuse Raheem? Who’s next? Ned Ryun? Who’s next? Literally they get to pick their next flavor of the day to attack,” she warned.

Loudon enthusiastically agreed with Bannon that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s nearly immediate condemnation of Moore after the allegations broke was evidence that the Moore story is, as Bannon put it, “an organized Republican hit.”

“This was so completely, transparently organized,” she said. “And then you saw others start to drop, and you saw the entire Republican movement – what’s astonishing to me is the number of conservatives that kind of bit on this, and it scares me to death. That part scares me. They kind of said, ‘Oh, everybody is kind of backing off.’ I said I don’t care if you like Roy Moore or not, this isn’t really even about this. This is about what you’ve been doing for the last two years of your entire life, at least.”

“If you’re part of the patriot movement, the MAGA movement, whatever you want to call us, the real people out there, the normals – if you’re one of us, then you’ve been fighting this war for two years, and you are surrendering in this moment if you don’t stand, because they’ll just think they can topple us,” she declared.

Loudon said she found the new accusation of sexual battery against liberal Senator Al Franken “interesting.”

“I’m glad that some of this is coming out. When it’s not a witch hunt, it’s a good thing, right? When there are actual pictures, when there is some sort of evidence. I’m really glad that the American people seem to be demanding that evidence,” she said.

“I remember when there was the accusation against the president. You know, they make so many mistakes but remember the accusation about the president on the airplane, and the girl said, ‘I don’t remember anything else.’ She said, ‘Oh, he raised up the armrest.’ Well, I did like a quick Google search, called a few pilots, friends of mine. The armrests did not move! They make these little mistakes, and it’s so much fun to expose them. It really becomes sort of a game or a dance, just to show that they don’t have their facts together because they’re making so much of this up. That’s exactly what we’re continuing to see,” said Loudon.

“Is every conservative who’s going to be accused innocent, completely innocent? No. But that doesn’t mean we don’t demand facts over feelings,” she argued.

Bannon mentioned another breaking story about official misconduct: the revelation of what he described as a “slush fund” from which some $15 million has been paid over the years to settle complaints of sexual harassment against members of Congress. He said such complaints should be made public instead of being settled quietly with public money.

Loudon agreed, but added a caution: “Have we really come to such a place where we’re so weak and willy-nilly that we want to be where we can’t have a conversation with someone, where you can’t greet someone with a hug and a kiss?”

“As a woman, I love being affectionate with my friends, all my friends, guys and girls,” she said. “I don’t want that to change just because the left has become sort of so sensitive to everything. I think we have to be very careful – to be appropriate, but at the same time to still enjoy camaraderie, and not get all stuck down in the weeds with this, and everybody all tense all the time. Do you know what I mean? You feel like you can’t hardly talk to each other anymore.”

Loudon said her upcoming book Mad Politics, due for publication in the spring, is about “the psychology of politics.” She described it as addressing “the psychology of the patriot movement right now.”

“We don’t want people to get tired,” she said. “They can’t rest for a moment. And we want them to have fun! Find the things you enjoy about it, and do them with all your might. That’s what I tell every patriot. Find the things you enjoy about it, and just do them every day, with everything you’ve got.”

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