Dr. Alveda King’s family gathered around the table in the latest episode of Fox Nation’sAlveda King’s House” to celebrate Father’s Day and Juneteenth

“To me, cooking is family, cooking is love, cooking is unity,” said King. “And I love to share my recipes with close friends and family.” 

King and her family made blueberry turkey burgers, trifle, kabobs, and cucumber salad.

While cooking, King asked her family about their experiences as fathers. King’s son, John Beal, said the most important thing to understand about being a father is the need to “[listen] to what your kids are saying.” 

King’s son-in-law, Rodney “Bug” Fields agreed, noting “you definitely have to listen, and you also have to spend time with them.” 

In raising his kids, King’s brother, John, noted that raising girls is much different than raising boys, and said he had cautioned his children to be careful of the friends they choose. 

The family also discussed the United States’ newest federal holiday, Juneteenth, which commemorates news of the end of the Civil War reaching Galveston, Texas. 

John noted that many ethnicities and world religions have their own holiday, but if “you ask Black people in America what is our national day of celebration, it’s going to vary.” 

“We have to recognize Juneteenth as our national day of celebration,” he continued. 

As King and her family sat around the table, she opened the discussion by saying that people often ask her if there is anything she would have changed about her life. 

“I always say I would have been kinder,” she noted. “And that’s basically always my answer.” 


Her family also discussed systematic racism, the meaning of fatherhood, and Juneteenth before beginning their meal. 

“How do we end racism?” King’s daughter, Jennifer Fields, asked. “If I knew the answer to that, I’m sure the world would be a better place.

King’s son, Eddie Beal also spoke on the meaning of Juneteenth, saying it represented “survival” to him. 

“The survival of those who came before us, and honoring the sacrifice of everyone to get to that point,” he continued. 

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