President Donald Trump just won’t let his erroneous claim about Hurricane Dorian threatening Alabama lie.

On Friday afternoon, Trump shared to Twitter a CNN segment which noted how Alabama could be affected by the storm. The doctored clip ended with the network’s logo superimposed over a car, which crashes and explodes.

Right-wingers rejoiced over Trump’s apparent owning of the network, that he often calls “fake news.”

However, Trump’s tweet itself soon got shot down in flames.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 6, 2019

Many Twitter users pointed out that the CNN bit actually aired on Wednesday, Aug. 28. The chyron even read: “Dorian On Track To Hit East Coast On Labor Day Weekend,” proving it aired well before the weekend.

Trump, however, issued his Alabama warning on Sunday, Sept. 1 ― by which time the forecast of Dorian’s path had significantly altered.

The @CNN clip included here aired around 10 p.m. on Aug. 28, or nearly three days before Trump's first tweet about Alabama on Sunday morning, Sept. 1. In that time, forecasts of the hurricane's track changed. By Sunday morning, Alabama was no longer considered at risk.

— Paul Farhi (@farhip) September 6, 2019

1) The CNN report was from Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Trump tweeted about Alabama on Sunday well after the hurricane path had changed significantly.2) Trump is a sick, desperate, fragile shell of a man.

— Bob Cesca (@bobcesca_go) September 6, 2019

This aired on 8/28, FOUR days before Trump said Alabama was still in the path. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE had already ruled out Alabama by the time Trump said it would be hit.BUT PLEASE KEEP GOING, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS SO MUCH!

— Anthony DeRosa🗽 (@Anthony) September 7, 2019

This spray-tanned sack of cheeseburgers and flop sweat and his minions were too lazy to notice the CNN chyron that places this report on last Thursday, at the latest.

— Dan Murphy (@bungdan) September 6, 2019

Trump just again tweeted about the Alabama lie. Worse yet, his “proof” undercut his argument. He shared a CNN broadcast from WED Aug 28 claiming Dorian might hit Alabama. Trump claimed this was still true on SUN Sept 1, 5 days later when it wasn’t.

— John Aravosis 🇺🇸 (@aravosis) September 6, 2019 RELATED… Anderson Cooper Tries His Best To Make Trump's New Nickname Work, Fails Seth Meyers Pinpoints 'Damning' Moment Trump Gave Himself Away On ‘Sharpiegate’ Cruz Gets Schooled On Twitter After Showing How Clueless He Is On Climate Download REAL LIFE. REAL NEWS. REAL VOICES. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus

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