President Donald Trump on Friday praised police officers protecting Sen. Rand Paul after the Republican National Convention.

“Rand Paul was in big trouble last night,” Trump explained to voters in New Hampshire about the violence the night before. “He’s a good guy. He’s a friend of mine. That shouldn’t happen to anybody.”

Paul and his wife Kelley were surrounded by protesters who threatened him after he left the White House on Thursday night..

“They would have done that to Senator Rand Paul last night,” Trump said. “He would either be in very bad shape or dead, and that would include his wife if those police didn’t happen to be there.”

The president praised the police officers who stepped up to help escort the Pauls to safety.

“Here is a U.S. senator walking outside and those four policemen should be brought over to the White House and we ought to give them a medal of some kind, and we’re going to do it,” Trump said.

The president said that Democrats continued supporting the ongoing riots, despite rioters across the country engaging in more physical violence.

“The puppet Biden, who is just controlled so strongly, wants you to cancel weddings and funerals and schools but has no problems with thousands of so-called peaceful protesters cramming into your streets, mugging people, hurting people, looting stores, burning down storefronts,” he said.

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