Donald Trump Jr.’s attempt to put his own spin on a statement posted by Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s campaign website backfired.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s eldest son shared a screenshot of the statement’s headline to his 3.5 million followers:

Did you know @MayorPete says we can’t find greatness in the past?! Someone teach him about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil Rights Movement, storming Normandy, landing on the moon, the collapse of the Berlin War…

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) April 16, 2019

Twitter users immediately pounced on Trump Jr., and accused him of taking the headline out of context and missing the point.

I went to the site and Buttigieg is writing specifically here about how to stop automation and globalization from killing American jobs. He devotes a whole chapter in his book to how much he admires WWI and WWII vets. This blatant lie shows that GOP is genuinely scared of him.

— Nicole Goodkind (@NicoleGoodkind) April 16, 2019

— Tony Bedard (@TonyBedard) April 16, 2019

You know that's not his point. Or do you? Just in case you don't, let me explain: We cannot rest on our laurels but must keep looking to the future and plan accordingly

— mamajama31 (@mamajama31) April 16, 2019

Others simply mocked Trump Jr. for spelling “wall” as “war.”

Did you think your dad was saying “build a war” this whole time?

— Mohanad Elshieky (@MohanadElshieky) April 16, 2019

I remember when the Berlin War collapsed too. That was just after the Bowling Green Massacre recorded by Frederick Douglass.

— Jeremiah (@DigitalJeremiah) April 16, 2019 RELATED… Donald Trump Jr. Shared A Bonkers Christmas Meme Of His Dad Donald Trump Jr. Teases Future Run For Office: ‘I Definitely Enjoy The Fight’ Donald Trump Jr. Gets Roasted Over Ridiculous Hot Take On 'Racist Air' Download

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