Time magazine depicted President Donald Trump as struggling to stay afloat on its latest cover ― and the image has a familiar feel.

For the publication’s Sept. 3 issue, artist Tim O’Brien imagined Trump as treading water in the flooded Oval Office with the caption “In Deep,” reported CNN.


It was O’Brien’s third in a series of pieces to chronicle the chaos enveloping the Trump White House. In February 2017, O’Brien marked Trump’s first month in office with this “Nothing To See Here” cover:

A post shared by TIME (@time) on Feb 16, 2017 at 6:15am PST

O’Brien later updated the concept for the April 2018 issue, titled “Stormy.”

A post shared by TIME (@time) on Apr 12, 2018 at 5:00am PDT

As the never-ending flood of breaking news washed over the White House, and the firings, the scandals and the general mayhem filled each news cycle, I felt the storm metaphor was as relevant as ever,” O’Brien said four months ago.

Time’s latest dig at the president followed Monday’s conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort on eight charges and his former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to bank fraud, tax fraud and campaign finance violations.

O’Brien’s latest image was well received by many on Twitter:

These three @TIME covers by Tim O’Brien over the past 18 months are pretty amazing. pic.twitter.com/FhiL1sP3sY

— Matthew T. Hall ? (@SDuncovered) August 23, 2018

That's a fantastic cover…illustrator is brilliant…thx

— Mel W (@MelW16628227) August 23, 2018

Latest @TIME cover. A follow up to the previous #storm cover. Brilliant. I’m just concerned with where the red button is. pic.twitter.com/ShneHA24sL

— Tanya (@TanyaProf) August 23, 2018

Have you seen the new Time magazine cover?? LOL!!

— Grace Holoway (@gholoway88) August 23, 2018

Interesting placement of the bottom of the "M" in @TIME on their latest in a series of Trump covers by @TonkaOBrien https://t.co/V7XFb7tSGm

— Justin Sullivan (@sullyfoto) August 23, 2018

Here are some of the other ways Time has used its cover to cover Trump’s presidency:

A post shared by TIME (@time) on May 18, 2017 at 6:24am PDT

A post shared by TIME (@time) on Oct 26, 2017 at 4:43am PDT

A post shared by TIME (@time) on Jan 11, 2018 at 4:47am PST

TIME’s new cover: Donald Trump's campaign to discredit the Russia investigation may be working. It's also damaging American democracy https://t.co/z3bDDFdd6c pic.twitter.com/tL7Rafd0ya

— TIME (@TIME) June 7, 2018

Tell the president he got the cover again. pic.twitter.com/n4GLtXIM3o

— Lisa Tozzi (@lisatozzi) June 21, 2018 TIME

H/T CNN Reliable Sources

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