President Donald Trump was schooled on Twitter after making a geography-themed gaffe at a political rally.

Trump appeared not to know the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England during a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, on Thursday night:

"I have great respect for the U.K. United Kingdom. Great respect. People call it Britain. They call it Great Britain. They used to call it England, different parts." (via Fox)

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) August 2, 2018

“I have great respect for the U.K., United Kingdom, great respect,” said Trump. “People call it Britain. They call it Great Britain. They used to call it England, different parts.”

Folks online were keen to point out that Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales — and the United Kingdom is made up of those three countries, plus Northern Ireland. They also noted how the country of England is most definitely still called England, despite Trump’s claim.

Great Britain is NOT The United Kingdom is NOT England!

— Paul Ybarra (@ybarrap) August 3, 2018

"Also, Lucky Charms come from Ireland. Which some say is is part of Great Britain, but really is imaginary. Nobody knows this. Only me."

— Bill Hoover (@daHoovster) August 3, 2018

“USA. United States. Of America. They used to call this America. In different parts.”

— hello, world (thread) (@michael_at_work) August 3, 2018

Anyone know which "parts" of England "used to be called England"Is he doing America- Unites States- The States next?

— John Dodge (@Sanityreturn2us) August 3, 2018

— Joy (@JoyAW77) August 3, 2018

“Very. Stable. Genius.”

— Yohance Christie (@YohanceChristie) August 3, 2018

Word salad, all untrue. FACT: Great Britain doesn't equal United Kingdom, it is PART OF the UK FACT: United Kingdom isn't called Britain. It's called the UKFACT: England didn't used to be called anything but England. All parts.

— Karen Arndt (@kharndt) August 3, 2018

Make Americans Geographers Again

— Rick Rubin (@rubindesigns) August 3, 2018

Wait til he learns it’s an island.

— Anita Creamer (@AnitaCreamer) August 3, 2018

I mean England. Like they used to call it. And the different parts, the great tigers. People are saying all the Britains want me to be their President.

— Elizabeth (@thoughtwhirl) August 3, 2018

— Moving Forward, Again. (@cubfansince76) August 3, 2018

"They used to call it England, different parts" – tell that to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland ?

— ?Pass the Fletchy on the Left Hand Side ☘ (@Darth_Pingu) August 3, 2018

Must sting to be hated by the UK, Britain, Great Britain and all its different parts. I notice he doesn’t mention my home country, Scotland, which has a special depth of feeling for him.

— Elaine Ronson (@ElaineRonson) August 3, 2018

Why do so many of Trumps speeches sound like a 12-year-old faking their way through an oral book report?"The Lord of the Flies is a great book. Just great. There were a ton of flies…whole bunch of flies. This one character, he was the lord of them. Lord of the flies."

— Mick Ignis (@IgnisTwote) August 3, 2018

This is great! Can someone do another with the Benny Hill theme playing underneath?

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