President Donald Trump’s attempt to reignite his feud with some Fox News personalities on Saturday morning backfired, when he accidentally called its widely watched primetime host Sean Hannity a “shoe.”

Trump asked on Twitter if anyone had noticed how the top shows on cable “are those that are Fair (or great) to your favorite President, me!” He then congratulated Hannity for having the most watched cable news show.

But in his praise of Hannity, who often stumps for Trump on TV, the president wrote “the number one shoe” instead of “show.”

Has anyone noticed that the top shows on @foxnews and cable ratings are those that are Fair (or great) to your favorite President, me! Congratulations to @seanhannity for being the number one shoe on Cable Television!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 31, 2019

Trump’s latest typo predictably sparked myriad mocking responses:

🤣Hannity may be the number one “shoe” watched by the gunk that sticks to the bottom of its sole.But the collective viewership on news *shows* that report the TRUTH about @realDonaldTrump FAR EXCEEDS Hannity’s deceitful spin.😎

— Dr. Dena Grayson (@DrDenaGrayson) August 31, 2019

So, these aren’t your favorite shoes anymore?

— тнєяєѕα 🖤 мαяιє (@theresasarcasm) August 31, 2019

Really big shoe. Paging Ed Sullivan.

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) August 31, 2019

Nah, @seanhannity is just a heel.

— Dom Knight (@domknight) August 31, 2019

Hannity is indeed a shoe.

— Frank Morano (@frankmorano) August 31, 2019

Our guess is people are more concerned about the impending hurricane than your favorite shoe.

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) August 31, 2019

He may be the number one shoe, but Sean Hannity has no sole.

— Nick Jack Pappas (@Pappiness) August 31, 2019

Shoe?Is it a white loafer?

— Helis Bor (@helisbor) August 31, 2019

Looks like some people over at Faux still have 'soles'.

— D Villella ❄️ (@dvillella) August 31, 2019

Oh well it's just a shoe … a shoe with toilet paper on it …

— PeaceOUT (@Elviraafterthot) August 31, 2019


— Alex Dobie (@alexdobie) August 31, 2019

Reaaaallly big shoe!

— Jamie Clorox the Oval Office (@Twinmom0) August 31, 2019

"number one shoe" — congrats!

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