Don Lemon on Thursday issued a warning to Republicans who claim they want closed-door deposition hearings in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump to be held in public.

“Be careful what you wish for,” the host of “CNN Tonight” said, dissecting some GOP lawmakers’ attempts to distract and discredit the investigation into Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian government.

“Do Republicans really want total transparency here? Think about that. Do they really want public hearings?” Lemon asked. “If they did, they wouldn’t be relying on stunts like storming the deposition yesterday on Capitol Hill.”

Lemon said he believed Republicans were in “full-on stunt mode” because the facts tell “a story they don’t want you to hear,” adding that they may soon get their wish.

“Democrats are planning public hearings, possibly as soon as mid-November, and (former Ukraine Ambassador) Bill Taylor could very well be on the list to testify in open session,” Lemon noted. “And no stunt is going to distract from that.”

Check out the segment here:

Lemon warns GOP: Be careful what you wish for CNN's @DonLemon says that Republicans should be careful in calling for open hearings into the impeachment inquiry of President Trump because they may not want the public to hear everything that is revealed.

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