Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is continuing to rake in new endorsements as the midterm election heats up between himself and Democrat challenger Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL).

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) and the Florida Retail Association formally endorsed the governor for reelection on Thursday, as Carol Dover, FRLA President & CEO, bragged of DeSantis’s “strong” support of the industry, particularly throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Dover said:

As Governor, Ron DeSantis has been a strong supporter of our industry, keeping hotels and restaurants safely open and operating when other states shut down. Governor DeSantis’ leadership saved countless jobs and businesses across our state and has enabled our industry to thrive once again.

“He understands the critical role that hospitality and tourism play in our state’s economic vitality, and we are confident he will continue to do so in his second term as Governor,” Dover added as Florida Retail Federation President Scott Shalley echoed those remarks.

“The Governor has remained committed to keeping Florida open for business and has enabled the retail industry to overcome these challenging times and prosper. We are proud to provide our endorsement of his campaign,” Shalley said.

Indeed, Florida has experienced record-setting tourism numbers — particularly in 2021, seeing the highest levels of domestic visitation in the state’s history.

“By keeping the state open, Florida has experienced record-setting tourism, our labor force growth outpaces the nation, and we have achieved record levels of unemployment and job creation. Florida continues to prove that the Freedom Agenda works,” the governor said.

Additionally, DeSantis received an endorsement from Florida Realtors on Friday, as Florida Realtors CEO Margy Grant described the governor as “a true champion of the real estate industry and the professionals who work within it.” Grant, too, pointed to how the governor handled the pandemic:

Whether it was designating us essential at the start of the pandemic, being a vocal advocate for affordable housing solutions, or working hard to protect Florida’s natural resources, the governor clearly recognizes the importance of Realtors and the critical services they provide Floridians.

Meanwhile, one of Crist’s biggest endorsements of the week came from none other than California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who pledged $100,000 to the Democrat’s campaign:

Time to make Ron DeSantis a one-term governor.

I'm pledging $100k right now to @CharlieCrist.

Who will join me in helping Charlie become the next Governor of Florida? https://t.co/YvpkkGKkOb

— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) August 25, 2022

It remains unclear how that endorsement will resonate with Florida voters, millions of whom are happy that Florida operates differently than blue California. Crist retweeted an article touting the Newsom endorsement, a sure sign of his own enthusiasm to receive it.

Meanwhile, Crist is instructing millions of Floridians not to vote for him while claiming that DeSantis takes freedom away:

Don’t be fooled by Ron DeSantis’s far-right propaganda — he doesn’t protect freedom, he takes it away.

— Charlie Crist (@CharlieCrist) August 26, 2022

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