A non-profit birth control advocacy group has launched a new ad campaign showing what America could look like if Planned Parenthood is defunded by the Trump administration.

The ads by Americans for Affordable Birth Control depicts a fictional “Department of Reproductive Control” that the group’s spokesperson says will be “intended to remove Americans’ reproductive healthcare choices” in President Trump’s dystopian future.

“President Trump is quietly creating a Department of Reproductive Control, intended to remove Americans’ reproductive healthcare choices,” said Amy Runyon-Harms.

Intended to reflect Americans’ future under Trump, the fictional department’s goal is to have a “reproductive health care system that reflects traditional American values and religious beliefs” by requiring Title X-funded centers to “no longer mention the word ‘abortion’ — no matter what their patients think they want,” and “replace referrals for abortion with counseling on parenting and adoption.” If a clinic fails to comply they “will be defunded — and likely closed.”

The end of the ads then show a fake government seal with the Latin phrase for “Do as we say, not as we do.”

The campaign makes a classic straw man fallacy, equating Trump’s pro-life stance to being hostile to all forms of contraception.

Except, abortion is not contraception. Contraception prevents pregnancy, and therefore situations where abortion could be considered later on.

The left also conflates the repeal of Title X to the U.S. government outlawing contraception, when in fact it would simply require abortion services to be “physically and financially” separate from other services provided by Title X funding (in other words, by the taxpayer).

But that’s the left’s real gripe: It’s not about access to contraception, it’s about the prospect of abortion no longer being subsidized by taxpayers.

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