They aren’t coming back to Earth folks.

The Democratic party has left the moderate building and they are never coming back.

As of late, their crosshairs have zeroed in on the heart of providence, attacking what remains of any morality and traditional ethics left in a nation pummeled with depravity.

Observe how Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg uses Beto’s attack on religious freedom to criticize Beto’s strategy, not Beto’s threat to our First Amendment.

Feast your eyes and ears on the media’s fantasy that pretending to murder our President is par for the course, but a satirical video depicting President Trump dishing out the same medicine to those publications responsible is deemed macabre and shocking by the New York Times.

An angry mob this deranged can only lead to self-destruction and with it a renaissance of American providence.

If ever the United States was at yet another crossroads this is it.

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