North Carolina state Rep. Deb Butler (D) inspired a new battle cry against the GOP after hitting out at what she described as Republican “trickery” during a legislative session on Wednesday.

Video going viral shows Butler resisting GOP lawmakers’ vote to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of the state budget during a session without the attendance of dozens of Democratic representatives. Republican lawmakers had reportedly told Democrats the vote would be delayed until later in the day.

“I will not yield,” Butler repeatedly says in the clip, below, as she denounces Republican leadership:

WATCH: This is the moment Republicans began their ambush by calling the budget veto override for a vote after they had told Democrats there would be no votes. Rep. Butler is shielded by fellow Dems as she calls out the travesty and stands her ground. #ncpol @cnn @msnbc @foxnews

— Sen. Jeff Jackson (@JeffJacksonNC) September 11, 2019

It prompted the #IWillNotYield hashtag to trend on Twitter:

Thank you for speaking out today. I stood up and stand with you. #Iwillnotyield

— Lesley Abravanel (@lesleyabravanel) September 12, 2019

Thank you, Representative/hero @DebButlerHD18, for standing up for an outraged North Carolina. If we needed reminding that the Republican leaders of #NCGA are little more than liars and bullies (hint: we didn't need reminding), this is it. #IWillNotYield #ncpol

— Damon Seils 🏳️‍🌈 (@damonseils) September 11, 2019

I stand with you. Amazing job. #IWillNotYield

— Tory Shulman (@toryshulman) September 12, 2019

Can @DebButlerHD18 go to Washington to yell @SenateGOP & @senatemajldr next please? #IWillNotYield #Shero #DebButler @Lawrence @TheLastWord

— Tara Dublin Needs An Agent (@taradublinrocks) September 12, 2019

I walked home in the streets of #NYC on #September11, with the sky full of smoke.I can say with with all certainty that Today's @GOP is WAY more dangerous to our Democracy than any outside threat. #Iwillnotyield until they are out of office.

— (((evan shapīro))) (@eshap) September 12, 2019

Butler and fellow Democrats were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempt to stop the vote. The governor later called the Republican effort “an assault on our democracy.”

Butler, the state House Democratic Party whip, explained her actions and comments on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

“I was aghast and tried to intervene, as best I could,” Butler told host Lawrence O’Donnell. “North Carolina is a place that used to be revered for public education. Our teachers are paid at the very bottom of the barrel in this country, our water is contaminated because we have not fully funded our Department of Environmental Quality, our schools are crumbling because of a lack of infrastructure and we have the working poor, of course, who have not enjoyed health care because of our failure to expand Medicaid.”

She continued:

I have asked people to forego cancer treatments. I have asked them to come after surgery. I have asked them to miss anniversaries and birthday parties and first days of kindergarten, so when I saw the speaker about to rob my colleagues of their hard work, it was more than I could bear and I think you saw that.

It was a day that I’ll never forget and I’m totally humiliated North Carolina has sunk to this level, and, again, I will not yield, Lawrence. I will not yield.

Check out the full interview at the top.

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