Democratic Presidential candidate Cory Booker has claimed that the Founding Fathers were ‘imperfect’ because they wrote ‘bigotries’ into the US Constitution.

Booker, who is running in 2020 with seemingly a campaign based heavily on race issues, made the comments during a recent interview with NPR.

“The founders were imperfect geniuses. They wrote a lot of our bigotries into (the Constitution),” Booker said.

While Booker did not explain what specifically those bigotries are, he declared that his campaign will seek to overcome them.

“If you think about how we have overcome those things, it’s always been by creating, first, calls to consciousness, speaking truth about the injustices, and then bringing together those uncommon coalitions,” Booker said.

Booker has previously talked about plans to “fight wealth inequality” by using a Marxist, race-based system.

Booker’s latest comments about the Constitution drew an immediate backlash:

Corey Booker we aren’t changing the Constitution. Do you know the Constitution is the law of the land? Your radical statement of bigotries in the Constitution are slanderous. Looks like all 2020 radical socialist dems will say or do anything that puts them in the spotlight.

— Bonnie Skjonsberg (@LeRoyMyLove) March 11, 2019

There is no place in our form of government for people like AOC, Harris, Omar,Booker and others. Whether you are A Dem or Rep you are sworn to uphold the laws of the Constitution. NO EXCEPTIONS. IF YOU CANT DO IT – GET OUT

— jeff Morse (@jeffMorse14) March 8, 2019

I have been warning – they are after the Constitution and America’s founding principles.

— Kevin Shipp (@Kevin_Shipp) March 7, 2019

Fake Spartacus, Racist, Ass Hat & Lying POS @CoryBooker spewing Raw BS our of his filthy mouth again.Attacking The Founders for “Writing Bigotry into the Constitution”.Yet the SlimeRat doesn’t and can’t elaborate on it.

— john goode (@twguardrail) March 14, 2019

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