ATLANTA (AP) — The Democratic candidate running against Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory and been criticized for other incendiary comments, is dropping out of their race for a U.S. House seat representing northwest Georgia.

Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal bowed out of the race on Friday. His campaign manager Vinny Olsziewski told The Associated Press that Van Ausdal was exiting the race for “personal and family reasons.”

In a series of videos unearthed in June, Greene complains of an “Islamic invasion” into government offices, claims Black and Hispanic men are held back by “gangs and dealing drugs,” and pushes an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish, collaborated with the Nazis.

Greene also is part of a growing list of candidates who have expressed support for QAnon, the far-right U.S. conspiracy theory popular among some supporters of President Donald Trump.

Van Ausdal faced long odds in the deep-red district.

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