On Tuesday’s broadcast of NBC’s “MTP Now,” Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb said that prosecutors who are being too lax in prosecuting crime are a real issue that “Absolutely” need to be better handled to help combat crime and “repeat offenders who have continuous gun violations on their record” shouldn’t be on the streets.

Bibb began by stating, “President Biden has the right message. Us, as Democrats, and especially as mayors, we believe in funding the police.” He also called for stricter gun laws in addition to more funding for mental health.

Host Peter Alexander later asked, “Mayor, as you know well, there are a lot of Republicans who would push back and say, hey, you’ve got to have prosecutors in these communities who are doing more. … They’re catching folks and then putting them back on the streets right now and they’re not being tough enough on crime in those communities. Is that an issue that you acknowledge needs to be better addressed to help sort of resolve this?”

Bibb responded, “Absolutely. I truly believe in the importance of criminal justice reform and making sure we give folks a second chance. But when you have repeat offenders who have continuous gun violations on their record, they don’t belong on our streets.”

He also argued that investing in education and programs for children will also help decrease crime.

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