In an increasingly distinctive style, White House press secretary Jen Psaki deftly cut off a meandering attack question Monday from Newsmax about a mysterious memo concerning President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan.

John Gizzi, a reporter for the right-wing outlet, queried Psaki about a “private memo” being “circulated in the business community and to some Republican senators” that Biden’s $2 trillion plan actually costs $3 trillion.

“Somebody went through it, or is claiming to have gone through it, and added it up and came up with $1 trillion more than [what] the president listed as the price tag,” Gizzi added in an apparent effort to clarify his question.

A deadpan Psaki responded: “Sounds mysterious — the memo, the secret memo.”

She said the specifics of the plan have been clearly detailed. “So I would encourage y’all to get your calculators out and charge that up and see how it compares to the secret memo,” Psaki added.

John Gizzi is John Gizzi-ing during the White House press briefing

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 5, 2021

Psaki pulled a similar takedown last month of Fox NewsPeter Doocy, who claimed his network had been left off “the list” of news outlets Biden planned to call on at his first press conference. Doocy later admitted that he had no idea if Fox was on or off any such list.

Last week, in response to a question from Fox Business correspondent Edward Lawrence, Psaki said that no, the administration was not going to change its “tone” when criticizing Republican efforts to make it more difficult for Americans to vote.

In the latest takedown, one fan noted on Twitter than Psaki is “really mastering the art of maintaining calm professionalism while skewering the hell out of stupid questions.”

She's really mastering the art of maintaining calm professionalism while skewering the hell out of stupid questions.

— Melissa Allaneous (@MAllaneous) April 5, 2021

Yes! Best part is that it's not mean or contemptuous. She really has the third grade teacher vibe. Like you expect 8 year olds to say crazy stuff, it's not personal. You just redirect them to the task at hand and move on.

— Von Thomas (@Von__Thom) April 5, 2021

He just got Psaki-bombed, take out your calculators for the secret memo. She’s the best

— Alex Ryan (@eatlikeal) April 5, 2021

I absolutely love her shade 🌴🌴🌴

— Eric Janson – Here Right Matters (@zyegor1) April 5, 2021

A daily Slam Dunk contest will be going on for the next 4 years I see …😂😂😂

— Chameleon1 (@MsPiggy02) April 5, 2021

Jen takes another one to the mat.

— Shawn (@Login_Prompt) April 5, 2021

Wow I love the job she's doing. If there was a better pick I damned sure don't know who it would be, based on the past couple of months.

— Harrison Lansing (@HarrisonLansing) April 5, 2021

🤣🤣🤣I am head over heels in love w Jen Psaki!

— 🐾 Foxxita 🐾 #Vote💙💙💙2020🌊🌊🌊 (@Foxxita) April 5, 2021

“The contents of the secret memo can only be revealed inside of the cone of silence “

— Tom Conklin (@tjconkster) April 5, 2021 Download Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost’s next chapter Join HuffPost

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