Senate Intelligence Committee member Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told “The Story” Wednesday that a recent report from the World Health Organization about the origin of coronavirus should be greeted with skepticism

FORMER TRUMP STATE DEPT OFFICIAL DAVID ASHER [TAPE]: What we learned was so horrifying about the implications of what China is doing with viruses as a weapons vector. Many people said “Oh, viruses are not an effective weapons vector.” Look what happened to the world.

SEN. COTTON, R-ARK.:  I think [what Asher said] is very interesting. I think it sheds light on this World Health Organization report that even the Biden administration and our allies say is little more than whitewashing Chinese culpability in unleashing this plague on the world.

The World Health Organization and its director are obsequious sycophants to the Communist Party in Beijing. I’ve been saying for more than a year, all the evidence that we have points to the laboratories in Wuhan, not some open-air food market …

[L]ook at what China has done in destroying the early evidence about the origins of this outbreak … When we finally had a WHO team go there a couple months ago, they basically sat in a conference room and had coffee and donuts and looked at some PowerPoint slides and said, ‘Nothing to see here.”

The simplest explanation [is] this is an accidental leak … They happen in the United States. They especially have a history of happening in China. U.S. diplomats were in this lab in 2018 and they raised grave alarms about the safety practices. One thing we should stop doing is funding Chinese laboratories. Dr. Fauci doubted it came from this laboratory. He’s the last person we need to reassure the American people.


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