Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter and White House adviser, was called out over a tweet celebrating Sunday’s Women’s Equality Day.

The day marks the Aug. 26, 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. But given her father’s hostility to women’s rights ― including a later-retracted suggestion that women should face “some form of punishment” for seeking abortions ― critics on social media shared their displeasure.

Trump tweeted:

On #WomensEqualityDay, 98 years ago today, American women were given the right to vote.When women around the globe are empowered to fully and freely participate in all aspects of society, the world will be more safe, just and prosperous for all! pic.twitter.com/TapYek9bBz

— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) August 26, 2018

Here are just some of the more than 1,500 replies:

@FLOTUS talks about taking on the bullies and now @IvankaTrump talks about women empowerment, meanwhile both lauding #45.There is some serious cognitive dissonance going on with the Trump women.

— Brandon Horan (@brandon_r_horan) August 26, 2018

And this year they’re all gonna vote blue. Bye Trumps.

— Daniel Danger Marin (@dangermarin) August 26, 2018

“Women around the globe” includes those mothers who have had their children taken from them by the trump mob. Tone deafness is a specialty for you, isn’t it?

— Joanne RN (@jlblueskies) August 26, 2018


— Ian Marchant (@ThatIanMarchant) August 26, 2018

I think you should stop tweeting.

— Bleeding Heart ? (@BoltonMom) August 26, 2018

Are you still “vehemently opposed” to family separation? What are YOU doing about it? Did you see the video of yet another traumatized child after reunification? WALK YOUR TALK @IvankaTrump !

— Karina (@Karina121) August 26, 2018


— Casey Brown (@ladyofhogjowl) August 26, 2018

says the daughter of the world's greatest misogynist, philanderer, narcissist, bully, hate monger & liar. Yet you stand by his side without a single public utterance voicing any displeasure about anything he does, says or tweets. Either speak up of just go the the fuck away!

— keith hall (@kfhall0852) August 26, 2018

So complicit

— What'sComingNext?….. (@WilsonAmanda) August 26, 2018

Somehow you do not capture the soul of women in society. Voting is our right to spread Justice, humanity and freedom for all. Your Administration doesn't have any of those. Especially trust and truth!

— Stacy The Resistance (@StacyDAlessand3) August 26, 2018 Download

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