“Outnumbered” host Emily Compagno, a former attorney, reacted to the news that the city manager of the Twin Cities suburb where a police officer is accused of accidentally shooting a man instead of tazing him during a confrontation was fired late Monday on “Fox News Primetime” hosted by Lawrence Jones.

Compagno said that it is unsettling if it turns out Boganey was fired simply because he voiced recognition for the importance of due process in the American system.

“If due process is protected by the Constitution and if that is the reason that this gentleman was fired, where does that leave the rest of us?” she asked. “Where does that leave [Boganey’s] due process? So, I think we should stay tuned: It remains to be seen certainly within his contract and why exactly it was terminated — But if it was simply for calling for due process or pointing out that it was necessary before jumping to conclusions…”

“Everyone agrees this is a tragedy. But to reserve judgment to me should be constitutional,” she said.

Jones reiterated that it is not known whether Boganey was indeed fired for that comment.

Regarding the shooting incident that left Wright dead, Compagno said there will be parallel investigations: one by an outside agency to determine whether criminal charges should be fired against the officer, and another internal investigation to see whether police department policies were violated.


“In Minnesota, it’s the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigating the police officer shooting which happens in that state. In the last 10 years, there have been 17 accidental shootings that resulted in criminal charges being filed — and about 28 that resulted in civil lawsuits that then had settlements from $200,000 to up to several million,” she said.

“And of course, we are in the same state, Minnesota, where former Office, Derek Chauvin is on trial. One of his charges is ‘unintentional manslaughter’, that second degree manslaughter that requires a certain degree of negligence here — So the answer to your question is that there is a whole range of both up to criminal, civil charges and also the right and reservation to not press any charges at all.”

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