Anti-Trump comedian and actor Tom Arnold is receiving backlash online after he went on a racist rant aimed toward pro-Trump commentators Diamond & Silk.

The remarks, made on Sunday, could also be seen as sexual harassment as the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer talked about orally examining the ladies’ “naughty bits” and told them to take off their clothes and get their “big booties” into his hot tub.

I’d like to investigate every crack curve & crevice of you two tons of fun’s heavenly bodies. I’ll start with intensive oral examination of your naughty bits. So take off all yo clothes & get your big booties butts back into Big Daddy’s hot tub. Don’t bring Streisand. Too freaky.

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) October 27, 2019

The girls responded by asking, “Where the #MeToo movement?” and wondered if his comments could be considered “predatory behavior.”

Clearly, if a conservative spoke in such a manner the left and the media would make it the top story in the nation.

In fact, Twitter would likely delete the tweet and Arnold would be removed from the platform, but as of now, no action has been taken.

Is this tweet considered online sexual harassment or predatory behavior? Where is the #MeToo movement?@TomArnold, you may not have respect for yourself but you don’t get to disrespect Diamond and Silk!

— Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) October 27, 2019

Replying to Diamond & Silk’s tweet, Arnold took his diatribe to a whole new level, saying, “Get on over here. Grab Popeyes Chicken on way. Wings & thighs. Dark meat only babies.”

You wrote @ me first. Expressed your bug ass love for me on Twitter many times. You’ve made sexy videos about me for the world to see. You SAID MY NAME. Now stop playin G’s. Our love is sacred. Get on over here. Grab Popeyes Chicken on way. Wings & thighs. Dark meat only babies.

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) October 27, 2019

After a Twitter user called out Arnold’s blatantly racist jab, he answered with a poorly executed joke.

Racism is not a chicken’s #1 concern before he get to Popeyes snowflake. Have you ever even talked to a single chicken? I’ve spoken to many. Facts matter.

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) October 27, 2019

Twitter users unanimously sided against Arnold and many called for his account to be taken down.

Can we get the #MeToo police over here? Tom Arnold jumped off the creepy cliff.

— LAJenn 🎀 (@thisLAJenn) October 27, 2019

You got a lot of balls writing this behind a screen. I wonder if you’ll have the guts to say that to them in person.

— Big Lou (@GrkBigLou) October 27, 2019

Reported. That is vile, disrespectful and wrong.

— cilantroisoverrated (@bunniferated) October 27, 2019

@Twitter why is this harassment still available for all to see? Why has this not been taken down and his account suspended?

— Susan🇺🇸 (@smahan2011) October 27, 2019

@therealroseanne your tweet got you cancelled, what should @TomArnold ‘s tweet get him?

— Marginal Safety (@MarginalSafety) October 27, 2019

Youll never work in hollywood again. Oh wait. Looks like it already happened

— BullpenBrews (@BAIrishattitude) October 27, 2019

If Tom still had a career, this would be him publicly setting it on fire 🔥

— Brian Lerias (@lerias1968) October 27, 2019

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