Twitter users pounced on CNN Tuesday for the way it began its broadcast of the Democratic debate.

The cable network’s movie trailer-style voiceover profiled each of the candidates in a dramatic two-and-a-half-minute introduction, which one person suggested had been made by the producers of “American Ninja Warrior.”

Others mockingly likened it to promos for WWE and the Super Bowl:

Did cnn hire the producers of American Ninja Warrior for this intro?

— Emma Marris (@Emma_Marris) July 31, 2019

But was does this CNN Democratic Debate intro sound like a WWE promo. #DemocraticDebate #DemDebate

— Brandon Gray (@BGisBrandonGray) July 31, 2019

Ok props to @CNN for the most dramatic debate intro video of all time #DemDebate

— Wardah Khalid (@wardahkhalid_) July 31, 2019

A little surprised that there was no fog machine in the CNN debate intro. But we have two hours left to go, so…

— Colby Hall (@colbyhall) July 31, 2019

Is it me, or did the opening to CNN's Democratic Presidential Debate just now look and sound like the pre-game announcements to an NFL or WWE match? #DemocraticDebate

— Eric Deggans at NPR (@Deggans) July 31, 2019

The WWE-style intro from CNN is making me L O L

— Nando (@nandorvila) July 31, 2019

This CNN intro makes me feel like the candidates are all about to compete in the Super Bowl in order to determine who will lead us into battle with an alien race and I’m pretty sure that means democracy is healthy and fine

— Emily Crockett (@emilycrockett) July 31, 2019

The CNN voiceover guy ads a Steel Cage Match vibe to this intro…

— Mike Murphy (@murphymike) July 31, 2019

Why is this cnn debate intro like the opening to Monday night football?

— Ryan Lawler (@ryanlawler) July 31, 2019

CNN was like *this close* to using the Avengers theme in that intro

— Jack Jenkins (@jackmjenkins) July 31, 2019

I mean, that CNN intro was only missing this

— David Rutz (@DavidRutz) July 31, 2019

CNN just did the #DemDebate intros like it’s an MMA match so that’s normal and good.

— shauna (@goldengateblond) July 31, 2019

This CNN “this is sports!” opening is hell. We are in hell. #DemDebates

— Louis Peitzman (@LouisPeitzman) July 31, 2019

This CNN intro is just too much. If they don’t all come running out on to the stage now through a giant helmet with smoke machines and confetti accompanying them, I’m out.

— (((Michael Koplow))) (@mkoplow) July 31, 2019

People: We treat politics like a sporting eventCNN: Hold my drink

— Ginger Gibson (@GingerGibson) July 31, 2019

Seriously, what is with the opening of the #DemocraticDebate on @CNN? It's not the fucking Olympics. #WaitingforMichaelPhelpstowalkout

— Judy Gold 🏳️‍🌈 (@JewdyGold) July 31, 2019

CNN's presentation for presidential debates is basically The Voice

— ☕netw3rk (@netw3rk) July 31, 2019

This @CNN intro is a joke. Seriously, we're rofl

— Nicole Sandler (@nicolesandler) July 31, 2019

praying for the cnn video producer who has to make these corny cringe “Honest Trailers” intros for #demdebate

— Gene Park (@GenePark) July 31, 2019

@cnn’s gravel voiced narrated MMA style intro to the debate is really shameful.

— John Hodgman (@hodgman) July 31, 2019

And the pageantry starts. @cnn introduces candidates one-by-one. Kind of an All-Star Game/World Series/ sports feel. Different than how @NBCNews handled Miami debate when candidates just filed on stage. #DemDebate

— USA TODAY Politics (@usatodayDC) July 31, 2019

That montage from CNN was the single dumbest thing I have ever seen. Beto could walk onstage wearing a fursuit and start rapping and it would be less embarrassing for everyone involved.

— Matthew Walther (@matthewwalther) July 31, 2019

i forgot how painful the CNN intro hype is

— Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) July 31, 2019

CNN is more interested in making people think politics is sports than MLB is in making people think baseball is sports

— Tim Murphy (@timothypmurphy) July 31, 2019

CNN's NFL-style framing of this debate makes me want to dunk my head in acid.

— CJ Ciaramella (@cjciaramella) July 31, 2019

Man, maybe I’m just getting precious, but CNN’s use of sports-announcer-bro voiceover to intro the debate was like… genuinely offensive.

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